The most important news for Thursday, June 24th, 2010....

Barack Obama named General David Petraeus as the top military commander in Afghanistan on Wednesday after he relieved General Stanley McChrystal for disparaging comments that McChrystal and his staff had made about senior administration officials in a magazine article.

A source close to General Stanley McChrystal says that during Wednesday's White House meeting between the general and Obama, McChrystal briefly explained the magazine article at the center of the controversy and took responsibility, then offered his resignation. Obama then reportedly accepted the resignation.

Tens of thousands of gallons more oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico after a gas problem forced BP to remove a cap that was containing some of the oil.

Scientists said on Tuesday that as much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, enough to potentially deplete oxygen and create a dead zone.

The CDC is warning "everyone, including pregnant women" to avoid areas affected by the oil spill.

More than nine miles of white shoreline and beaches near Pensacola, Florida are now soaked with syrupy oil.

The U.S. federal government has shut down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Is it starting to "rain oil" in some areas of Louisiana?

Is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill going to end up being the greatest disaster in U.S. history up to this point?

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says that he will issue a new order imposing a moratorium on deepwater drilling after a federal judge struck down the existing one.

Horrific flooding in Brazil has killed at least 42 people and has left at least 115,000 homeless.

A 14,000-acre wildfire continues to rage violently across the state of Arizona.

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said on Tuesday that Israel must not allow Gaza to become an Iranian port.

High concentrations of U.S. and Israeli forces on army and air bases in Azerbaijan have Iranian forces on war alert.

According to one new report, Israeli Air force aircraft landed during the past weekend at a military base in Saudi Arabia and unloaded large quantities of military gear.

It has been announced that the Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran will go into operation in mid-September.

An Arabic children's choir has been racking up views all over the world with the new YouTube hit "when we die as martyrs, we will go to heaven".

In May, sales of new homes in the United States dropped to the lowest level on record.

The median price of new homes sold in May was $200,900, down less than 1% from April but a 9.6% drop from May 2009.

In addition, figures for the prior two months were revised down sharply.

Also, existing home sales in May were far below expectations.

The sales of foreclosures and other distressed sales, which tend to push down home prices, slipped to 31 percent last month compared with 33 percent in April.

The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that the final bill for the bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be as high as $389 billion.

The new government is the U.K. has unveiled a spate of severe budget cuts and brutal tax increases.

George Soros says that Germany could end up causing the collapse of the Euro.

Toyota and Honda have announced that they have stopped production at some of their car assembly plants in southern China after parts suppliers were hit by more labor unrest.

Google triumphed in a nasty, three-year war with Viacom on Wednesday as a federal court ruled that Google's YouTube subsidiary is not liable for its users' copyright infringements.

An increasing number of U.S. cities are becoming absolutely overwhelmed by debt.

The state of California is considering a plan that would turn car license plates into ad space.

A proposed New York law would take DNA samples from all criminals.

With her confirmation hearing less than a week away, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is facing attacks from Republican critics over newly released documents that show she briefly suspended on-campus military recruitment when she was dean of Harvard Law School in 2005.

It is being reported that U.S. officials recently told a Houston newspaper that a Mexican drug cartel called the Zetas plotted to blow up Falcon dam and kill tens of thousands of Americans.

Even back in 2004, Barack Obama advocated "trading" border security for amnesty for illegal aliens.

The CIA has hired Xe Services, the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, to guard its facilities in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments.

A bid to suspend California's global warming law has qualified for the November ballot.

A team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has created nanodevices made of DNA that self-assemble and can be programmed to move and change shape on demand.

The Economist says that every genome on the planet "is now up for grabs" - including those that do not yet exist.

Children in India are being blinded and crippled by high levels of fluoride in the water.

A deadly bat disease that has killed more than 1 million bats with a mortality rate close to 100 percent continues to sweep across the United States.

Parents were outraged after young teenagers were instructed on how to perform graphic sexual acts during a Planned Parenthood sex education class at a local high school in Shenandoah, Iowa.

One elementary school in Massachusetts has adopted a condom distribution policy that begins as early as first grade.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Labor Department announced on Wednesday a new order that would extend federally guaranteed family and medical benefits to gay couples who work for private as well as federal employers.

The earliest known icons of four of Christ's apostles have been found adorning an elaborately decorated chamber in a catacomb beneath the streets of Rome.

Lastly, according to a new poll, more than 40 percent of Americans believe that Jesus Christ will return to Earth by the year 2050.

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The most important news for Wednesday, June 22nd, 2010....

Barack Obama said on Tuesday that General Stanley McChrystal, the top military commander in the Afghanistan war, "showed poor judgment" during an interview with Rolling Stone in which McChrystal and his staff made negative comments about the president and his national security team — including a reference to Vice President Biden as "Bite Me."  Obama says that McChrystal's fate will be decided soon.

According to McChrystal, Obama looked "uncomfortable and intimidated" when dealing with a roomful of military brass.

It is being reported that McChrystal is prepared to resign if he believes that Barack Obama has lost confidence in him.

An oil worker who survived the Deepwater Horizon explosion says that weeks before the blast he informed BP and Transocean, the rig’s owner, about a leak on the rig’s blow-out preventer, and he says that it was switched off rather than repaired.

There are increasing concerns that any effort to stop the damaged BP well from leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico could cause a blowout in the underground portion of the well.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says that Barack Obama plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling to strike down a six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The seafood industry in the Gulf of Mexico is literally being destroyed.

BP has responded to claims that the Gulf oil leak could lead to a "methane bubble tsunami".

The Gulf oil spill is playing havoc with real estate prices in the region.

Wildlife workers have rescued more than 500 turtles from the oil spill. Just one in five comes out alive because there is too much oil.

A man says that he found oil inside his oysters while eating at a restaurant located north of Charlotte this weekend.

It turns out that BP CEO Tony Hayward cashed in about a third of his holding in the company one month before a well on the Deepwater Horizon rig burst.

It has been revealed that Goldman Sachs sold 58% of its shares in BP between January and March of this year.

It is now being projected that the 2010 hurricane season will be quite extreme, with 18-21 named storms now in the forecast.

The first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season may enter the Gulf of Mexico as soon as next week.

A former Shell executive is predicting that blackouts and gas lines are on the way.

There is a report that the U.S.-led naval armada in the Persian Gulf has been conducting drills which simulate bombing Iranian targets.

On June 18th, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Arab festival in Dearborn, and within 3 minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.

Iranian police have issued warnings to 62,000 women who were "badly veiled" in the Shiite holy province of Qom as part of a clampdown on dress and behavior.

The price of gold reached a new record of $1,266.50 an ounce in New York on Tuesday before slipping slightly.

U.S. existing home sales experienced a dramatic decline during the month of May.

More than a third of the 1.24 million borrowers who have enrolled in Barack Obama's $75 billion mortgage modification program have dropped out.

Reuters is reporting that Chinese state-owned banks have been aggressively buying dollars.

According to a new report, China's manufacturing sector is on the brink of passing the manufacturing sector of the United States.

Is another "flash crash" coming?  Some market pros think so.

Are there indications that the next big Wikileaks revelation will involve the top secret Echelon system?  The Echelon system is the US/UK electronic spying network which eavesdrops on virtually all worldwide communications traffic.

The amount of security for the upcoming G20 summit in Toronto, Canada is absolutely stunning.

It is being reported that several U.S. Senators have learned of a possible plan by the Obama Administration that would provide mass amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Federal agents say that Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on American soil, maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona from which their scouts can monitor every move made by law enforcement officials.

Arizona cops are being increasingly threatened by drug cartel snipers along the Mexican border.

Residents of Fremont, Nebraska, on Monday voted in favor of a measure that makes it illegal to harbor, hire, or rent property to an illegal immigrant.

In the middle of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis, Barack Obama has decided to declare war - on the state of Arizona.

The New York Post says that it is time for the U.S. government "to stop importing terrorists".

Senator Kyl claims that Barack Obama told him that he's not securing the U.S. border on purpose.

In order to protect the new national health care law from legal challenges, the Obama administration has been forced to argue that the individual mandate represents a tax, even though Obama himself argued the exact opposite while campaigning to pass the legislation.

Barack Obama is warning U.S. health insurance firms not to use his healthcare overhaul as an opportunity to push through big rate increases and said the federal government would work with states to monitor them.

Australians would be forced to install anti-virus and firewall software on their computers before being allowed to connect to the Internet under a new plan to fight cyber crime.

IBM has revealed the biggest artificial brain of all time, a simulation run by a 147,456-processor supercomputer that requires millions of watts of electricity and over 150,000 gigabytes of memory.

A new study claims that just one hour's listening to an MP3 player can damage hearing.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Monsanto can sell genetically modified seeds before safety tests on them are completed.

Thailand, the biggest Asian exporter of rice, is facing a major shortfall in its next crop due to a prolonged drought.

Global earthquakes are up dramatically in 2010.

Brazilian officials are scrambling to get food and medical aid to two flood-hit Brazilian states where floods have ripped through towns, killing at least 41 people and driving 120,000 from their homes.

Lastly, approximately 20,000 pagan revellers recently descended on Stonehenge to mark the summer solstice.

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The most important news for Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010....

CBS News is reporting that the oil well spewing in the Gulf of Mexico could contain as much as 1 billion barrels of oil and could keep flowing for more than a decade.

An increasing number of frustrated Gulf coast residents have decided to take it upon themselves to stop the oil that is headed towards their homes and businesses.

There are increasing concerns that oil spill containment efforts are actually putting more stress and more pressure on the damaged well.

Are fissures and cracks appearing on the ocean floor around the damaged wellhead?

Scientists say that the massive amount of methane being released by the oil spill is a serious threat to all sea creatures living in the Gulf.

Many are now openly wondering why Barack Obama turned down offers of help from other nations to help deal with the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarah Palin and the Obama administration are exchanging barbs over the BP oil spill crisis.

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski recently admitted on air that she was repeating White House talking points she had been advised to include in the channel’s news programming regarding the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Will North America be facing years of toxic rain because of the poisonous chemical dispersants BP is using to control the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

BP CEO Tony Hayward is set for a massive 10.8 million pound ($16 million) payout if he chooses to step down.

It is being reported that three days after the Deepwater Horizon platform sank to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico the Dutch government called Obama and offered to loan BP ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and a plan to quickly build sand barriers to protect the marshlands.

BP has insisted all along that if everything else fails, the "relief well" being drilled with solve the problem.  Well, it turns out that the relief well is not guaranteed to work either.

National Geographic is reporting that the oil leak in the Gulf could end up lasting "for years".

An oil spill off the Egyptian Red Sea coast of Hurghada threatening to damage marine life in the area has prompted environmental agencies to demand tighter regulation of offshore oil platforms.

Representatives from Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are planning a high level conference to discuss "a possible Israeli strike in Iran or southern Lebanon".

Another blockade-busting ship with a team of all-female activists could be bound for Gaza within a few days after Lebanese authorities granted permission Monday for it to sail first to Cyprus.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is refusing to address the notion of having to contain a nuclear armed Iran, saying that U.S. efforts were aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring atomic weapons.

The U.S. is warning Pakistan that a recently signed gas pipeline deal with Iran could run afoul of new sanctions being finalized in Congress.

China has angered the United States with plans to build two nuclear reactors in Pakistan, despite fears over the country's political stability.

South Korea's Science Ministry said on Monday that abnormal radiation was detected near the inter-Korean border days after North Korea claimed last month to have achieved a nuclear technology breakthrough.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says that Russia is very concerned over the currency fluctuation rate of the euro and hopes that the European currency will stabilize soon.

It is being reported that Germany and France are examining ways of creating a "two-tier" euro system to separate stronger northern European countries from weaker southern states.

The state government of California is projected to have a budget deficit of at least 19 billion dollars this year, and next year the budget gap is projected to grow to 37 billion dollars.

Many U.S. states are acknowledging this year that they have promised pensions that they cannot afford and are cutting benefits to appease taxpayers and attack budget deficits.

Obama's labor chief says that illegal aliens have a right to fair wages.

According to newly disclosed emails, Rahm Emanuel, then a congressman in Illinois, apparently attempted to trade favors with embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich while he was in office.

It is being reported that Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is expected to leave his job later this year after growing tired of the "idealism" of Barack Obama's inner circle.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has refused to flinch after Obama administration officials confirmed that they plan to file a lawsuit challenging the state's anti-illegal immigration law.

The Democrats are spending tens of millions of dollars to lure young voters back to the polls for the upcoming mid-term elections.

Police tactical teams have been practicing with plastic bullets and tear gas at a Canadian military base near Toronto in case protesters at the G8 and G20 summits turn violent.

Experts are warning that NATO governments and the public must wake up to the threat of cyberattacks, which could paralyze a nation far more easily than conventional warfare.

Aid agencies say that starving people in drought-stricken west Africa are being forced to eat leaves and collect grain from ant hills, and that 10 million people face starvation across the region.

It is being reported that up to 77 million Bangladeshis have been exposed to toxic levels of arsenic from contaminated drinking water.

A dangerous fungus that attacks wheat and barley crops has popped up in eastern Idaho.

The first hurricane of the 2010 Pacific season formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean near Mexico on Sunday but was headed away from land.

A tornado plowed through downtown Billings, Montana on Sunday afternoon.

One organization in the U.K. wants to dump thousands of tons of iron into the sea in an attempt to cut global warming by sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

New research has found that just half an hour spent on your cell phone every day could raise your risk of developing brain cancer by as much as 40 percent.

Psychotropic drug abuse in foster care is costing the government billions of dollars.

Russian scientists have developed a brain-computer interface.

Experts including three Nobel laureates and Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist, are calling on the U.K. government to make teaching of the theory of evolution a compulsory part of the curriculum.

A Miami Beach chihuahua may end up inheriting millions of dollars.

Lastly, a French prisoner recently killed his cellmate then sliced open his chest to remove and eat his heart, but ate his lung instead.

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The most important news for Monday, June 21st, 2010....

As oil continued to gush violently into the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama hit the golf course on Saturday with Joe Biden.

BP chief executive Tony Hayward has come under fire for spending one recent afternoon watching his yacht take part in a race instead of coordinating the company's response to the Gulf oil spill.

According to an internal BP document released Sunday by U.S. Representative Edward Markey, BP believes that if the blowout preventer and wellhead were removed, the "worst-case scenario" would be 4.2 million gallons of oil per day escaping into the Gulf of Mexico.

According to some geologists, BP's operations in the Gulf of Mexico set into motion a series of events that may be irreversible.

Could the huge quantities of methane that have entered the Gulf of Mexico potentially create "dead zones" where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives.

More than twelve United States Naval warships and at least one Israeli ship crossed the Suez Canal towards the Red Sea on Friday.  There is speculation that the vessels are headed towards Iran.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says that Iran could shower Europe with "scores or even hundreds" of missiles in a single attack.

Violence in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad in recent days has claimed dozens of lives and injured scores more, the country's security officials say.

A new global poll shows that majorities in many Western and some Muslim countries are willing to consider military action against Iran to prevent the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Turkey is vowing to fight Kurdish rebels until they are "annihilated".

The cost of bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is rapidly escalating.

Is the state of California on the verge of bankruptcy?

The U.S. Senate has voted down a proposed extension of unemployment benefits for workers who have been jobless for nearly two years.

The total number of U.S. bank failures this year has risen to 83.

Barack Obama has welcomed China's announcement that it will allow the exchange rate of its currency, the yuan, to become more flexible.

The U.S. government says that it has "smashed" the world’s biggest drugs and money laundering "super cartel" in Colombia.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says that fighting "home-grown terrorism" by monitoring internet communications is a civil liberties trade-off the U.S. government must make to beef up national security.

U.S. Census workers are finding out that Americans are becoming increasingly angry at the government.

A new law being pushed through the U.S. Congress will give Barack Obama a "kill switch" which will enable him to completely shut down the Internet during times of national emergency.

One out of every three secondary schools in the U.K. is forcing children to swipe their fingerprints just to register in class or take out library books.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett claim that they are asking the nation's billionaires to pledge to give at least half their net worth to charity.

A gunman attacked his 29-year-old stepdaughter's family as they ate lunch at a California restaurant, killing her husband and 6-year-old son, wounding the woman and another child, and then fatally shooting himself.

It turns out that the federal government awarded a staggering $54 million in "stimulus cash" to Connecticut's politically-connected Mohegan Indian tribe, which runs one of the highest grossing casinos in the country.

Teachers and staff at one elementary school in Kansas City have expressed concerns about the number of cancer cases that have appeared at the school since a cell phone tower was installed nearby.

Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, is predicting that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.

Time Magazine has published a new article which discusses the "risks and rewards" of synthetic biology.

Officials estimate that more than 10 million people in nine provinces have been affected by continuing flooding in southern China.

A U.S. federal court panel has decided "to allow" a Sudanese Christian pastor to distribute religious literature and discuss his Christian faith to Muslims attending a large Arab festival while his case is pending on appeal.

Lastly, Turkish inventor Attila Alperen, the founder and chairman of The Alperen Group of Companies, has announced that he is now ready to go to market with an ultra high efficient motor and generator technology his group has developed.

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