A New Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Near New Zealand Unleashes A Tsunami In The Pacific

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A tsunami warning was issued for New Zealand after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off the north coast of the country.

The UN Security Council plans to discuss in July the possibility of Palestine becoming a United Nations member state, the Security Council president said on Tuesday.

A leader of Egypt’s most influential secular party on Wednesday dismissed the Holocaust as a “lie” and the Diary of Anne Frank as a “fake”.

Portuguese bonds are absolutely crashing right now.

The cost of insuring Portuguese debt against default hit a record high on Wednesday and yields on Portuguese bonds spiked after Moody’s cut the country’s credit rating to junk and warned it may need another bailout.

Is Europe on the verge of a financial nightmare?

The European Central Bank is set to raise interest rates again on Thursday and indicate that further increases are likely as it tries to dampen down high inflation despite the debt problems afflicting smaller countries.

China raised a key interest rate Wednesday for a third time this year as it tries to cool surging inflation.

Interest rates are soaring in Brazil too.

U.S. small business owners cut jobs in June, breaking a four-month streak of growth as employment was dragged down by cutbacks at construction firms, a survey released on Wednesday showed.

According to the just released Challenger jobs report, job destruction is starting to be an issue again, after the June report disclosed that “the number of planned job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers increased by 4,297 or 11.6 percent to 41,432 in June. The June increase is the second in as many months.

Is this the generation that is going to witness the collapse of the U.S. economy?

There is very little good to say about the U.S. economy right now.

Federal regulators will now be able to take back two years of pay from executives deemed responsible for a large bank’s failure.

Walmart, Walgreens and Kroger are all experimenting with opening up inexpensive health-care clinics.

Almost a quarter of all mortgage applications in the United States are being denied.

Despite anti-dumping duties being imposed against Chinese imports of lead pencils used by millions of children in classrooms throughout America, the Asian nation is still making it very difficult for U.S. producers to compete.

The office of Connecticut Representative Chris Murphy (D) released a report last week that found that since 2007, the Pentagon has been granted hundreds of thousands of waivers to the “Buy American” law, costing the U.S. over half a million jobs.

All over the United States, politicians are selling off key pieces of infrastructure to foreign investors and big Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs are helping them do it.

Today, the U.S. national debt is 4700 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.

The latest issue of Time Magazine, the number one political magazine in the United States, has a picture of a half-shredded U.S. Constitution on the cover with the words “Does It Still Matter?” emblazoned across it.

Federal law enforcement officials have warned airlines that terrorists seeking to blow up commercial jets may seek to surgically implant explosives in their bodies.

According to one new report, NATO has been using depleted uranium against Libya, specifically civilians and civilian infrastructure.

As Mexico’s powerful drug cartels diversify operations beyond the illegal drug trade, the organized crime syndicates have found another lucrative line of work: The large scale theft of Mexico’s natural resources.

A new exoskeleton has been developed that can literally give every U.S. soldier a bit of super-human strength.

Almost four months after the Fukushima disaster, a fire started in the nuclear waste disposal plant near reactor No. 2 in Tokai, in the East of Japan. Official sources reported that the blaze is now under control and that no radiocative material leak occurred.

In the wake of hundreds of dietary supplements recently being outlawed across the EU, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that, if fully implemented, could ban virtually all dietary supplements in the USA that were formulated after 1994.

Parents who thought their home was safe are battling with the state over the custody of their kids, and they believe they’re being punished because they’re poor.

Political control freaks are now even taking over farmers markets all over America.

The United Church of Christ, the denomination whose Chicago pastor Jeremiah Wright blasted the United States and white people for years from the pulpit while Barack Obama sat in his pews, has decided to banish God “the Father” from its organizational documents.

The chief psychiatrist for California’s overcrowded prison system was paid $838,706 in 2010, more than any other state employee that year.

California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum.

While the world is falling apart, this is what passes for news in America these days.

Lastly, did you know that the United States is number one in divorce, drug addiction, debt, obesity, car thefts, murders and total crimes?