Evan Bayh’s Announcement That He Will Be Retiring From The U.S. Senate Sends Shockwaves Across The Political Landscape

The most important news for Tuesday, February 16th, 2010….

The stunning announcement that Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh is retiring from the U.S. Senate is sending shockwaves across the political landscape.

The U.S. government annnounced on Tuesday that foreign demand for U.S. Treasury securities fell by the largest amount on record in December with China reducing its holdings by $34.2 billion.

One financial expert is warning that China’s sale of these securities could mean financial disaster for the United States.

A federal watchdog group is warning that losses from defaults on commercial real estate loans maturing in the next few years could go as high as $300 billion and that this could topple nearly 3,000 community banks nationwide.

Commercial property foreclosures are absolutely surging in the Dallas, Texas area.

Some financial analysts are predicting that the Federal Reserve will raise the discount rate as early as next month.

Unfunded pension liabilities are becoming a massive problem for state and local governments across the United States.

Starting January 1, 2011, every transaction in the nation of Greece above 1500 euros will not be considered legal if it is done in cash.  According to new government rules, transactions above 1500 Euros must be done through debit or credit cards after that date.

It turns out that Goldman Sachs was heavily involved in the unraveling financial crisis in Greece.

Spain’s intelligence services are reportedly investigating the role of investors and media in debt market turbulence over the last few weeks.

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed Palestinian claims that the Obama administration has rescinded its demand for Israel to halt activity in West Bank settlements.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is warning the United States and other nations not to impose tougher sanctions on Iran.

Hillary Clinton is warning that Iran is moving towards a “military dictatorship”.

Saudi Arabia is insisting that any effort to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons must include Israel.

Recently, airport security officials refused to allow a disabled 4-year-old boy to pass through airport security until he took off his leg braces.

It turns out that the University of Alabama neurobiology professor who is accused of going on a killing spree down in Alabama was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with Barack Obama to the point of being off-putting.

Even a British newspaper is reporting on how more Americans than ever are preparing for hard times ahead.

Scientists are claiming that a new way of using the genetic code has been created, allowing proteins to be produced with properties that have never been seen in the natural world. They say that this breakthrough could eventually lead to the creation of new or “improved” life forms.

A shortage of rare earth elements is becoming a very serious problem for high-tech industries.

The U.S. military is now testing an advanced laser weapon that can actually shoot missiles out of the sky.

A European team of robotics researchers began a project this year that could see humanoid bots interact with groups of people in a “realistic” way for the first time.

The U.S. government is saying that if you don’t want to be tracked and traced by them, you shouldn’t own a cell phone.

Teenage girls in the U.K. are being rewarded with large shopping vouchers for getting the cervical cancer vaccine.

One new report is warning that up to 100 million more people could go hungry if EU member states agree to increase the consumption of biofuels in line with EU targets.

The taxpayer-funded BBC has 382 staff members who make more than 100,000 pounds a year.

New government guidance on sex education has been endorsed by the Catholic Education Serviceof England and Wales, despite its promotion of homosexuality, extra-marital sex, abortion and contraception.

Summer crop production in Australia will be at its lowest level in 3 years.

Are China’s “cyber warriors” a serious threat to the United States?

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has announced that his nation will be conducting joint military drills with Nicaragua, and there are rumors that Russia could soon be stationing troops there.

Lastly, pop sensation Lady Gaga is claiming that the ghost of her dead aunt – who lives inside of her – saved her from an addiction to cocaine and LSD.