pope-benedict-world-government1The most important news for Tuesday, July 7th, 2009…..

The Pope has released a new encyclical that calls for “a true world political authority”.  This makes him just the latest in a chorus of major world leaders that are calling for a global government.

Today the world is mourning the loss of Michael Jackson, while the death and suffering of real heroes is totally ignored.

High level Obama administration officials are hosting an all-day H1N1 Flu Preparedness Summit on July 9th in Bethesda, Maryland.

Three more U.K. citizens have died from the swine flu it has been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media keeps hyping the idea that the swine flu is going to strike with a vengeance in the fall.

U.K. police are hyping the threat of a “spectacular attack” from “far right” political groups.

If you do not know just how incredibly powerful Goldman Sachs is, then you really should read this article: The Great American Bubble Machine

In an economy that is falling apart, more people than ever are conserving cash by bartering for the stuff they need.

Vanity Fair has a very intriguing new article out about the Bohemian Grove.

Nurses in the U.K. have been using honey and maggot larvaeto clean wounds and help fight against hospital superbugs.

One Obama administration official is claiming that Barack Obama wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

California’s bond rating is going downhill fast as that state’s financial crisis continues to deepen.

Blessings of same-sex marriage and removal of an informal ban on gay bishops are expected to be two of the top items at the upcoming Episcopal General Convention.

Enough oil has been discovered in Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota for the United States to be fully independent from foreign oil for decades and decades.  So why aren’t we hearing about this on the mainstream news?

Lastly, a crop circle depicting a 300 foot long hummingbird has appeared in a barley field in the U.K.