Marty Breeden: “TELL ME WHAT YOU DID?”

(By Marty Breeden) Really felt strongly to write this; I pray it challenges us all!


One day, I will stand before my Lord and He will ask me…

“Son, when the pandemic hit the world, …
When you saw babies being murdered in the womb, when you saw the violence, the sin, the iniquity, the earthquakes, the wars and rumors of wars, the sexual perversion, when you saw fear sweep the entire world…

When you saw me shaking everything that could be shaken as I said I would do, when you saw the economies of the world collapsing, when you walked into the store and saw abject fear and despondency on the faces of the people….


Am I really going to stand there and say?

“Well Lord, I made some really good Facebook post!”?

“Well Lord, I really grappled with my own emotions and shut myself in!”?

“Lord, I argued and debated with my brethren about the Rapture, Eternal Security, and who the antichrist is!”?

“Lord, I made strong political statements that let everyone know where I stood with my conservative values!!”???


I want to say:

“LORD, I saw these end time signs, and I did EVERYTHING I could to bring sinners to repentance and to bring lost souls to the foot of the cross of Calvary and I lead MANY to the “Fountain of Living Waters!”,
And I did all I could to POPULATE HEAVEN in Jesus name!”

That is my hope and my prayer friends!!!!

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