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  1. Hello,

    I have been following your email notifications for years now. I have noticed I cannot seem to find any of the prophetic dreams that had been in emails previously sent on your website? There used to be a link to read these dreams and now its only news…. Where could I find these I am trying to refresh my memory of dreams and visions people had in the past
    Thank you God bless

  2. Hi. satan knows his days are almost over and he wants to take with him as many people as he can to upset God. One of satan’s plots is to change peoples’ DNA. We were created in God’s image and have His DNA. The COVID vaccine will change your DNA, and you will no longer be redeemable by God. The person will perish forever in the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation in the Bible. 

    The so called “pandemic” will collapse the economy, then the “anti-christ” will be seated comfortably and reign. There is consistency in prophesies showing the upcoming antichrist is going to be Barack Obama – he hasn’t been “infused” with satan’s spirit yet, but he will soon. Now that I got to say this, let me add the “false prophet” will be our Pope.

    Doctors Around The World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!

    Nicholson1968 channel:
    Respectfully, ir

  3. Hi Michael,
    I have been receiving your emails now for several years and appreciate all the hard work you put into them. However, in the last few days the one coming from The Most Important News has a major problem in that none of the links work – they will not trigger Safari or any other browser. And as well as that, the whole email is not viewable below a certain point in the list within it. I know there’s more there, but my Apple Mail software will not allow me to move down the page inside the email message. So the opportunity to pursue any of the items below that point is also completely lost.
    Trust you can get it sorted soon.
    Blessings, Robin

  4. Hello,

    Thought of something recently. Since no one who has gotten the mRNA vaccines will be prohibited from donating blood, don’t think I will ever voluntarily submit to a transfusion.

    Also, since there is no way to reliably verify who has gotten the mRNA vaccine or who has subsequently come into intimate contact with someone who has, I think I will take a self initiated vow of chastity.

    Keep up the good work and hope all else is well.

  5. Hello everyone here.

    I want to prepare for bad times, but I live paycheck-to-paycheck and am caring for a house-bound parent. Also, there are no prepper training groups in my home county., How can I do so on such limited resources and time?

  6. On 20 November 2020 I ordered, through Amazon, your book “The Lost Prophecies of the Future of America”.
    Evidently it was damaged in transit and was retured to sender before I even got it.
    It was never re-sent. So I have paid for it but have never received it.
    I have been trying to contact Amazon regarding this but have been unable to do so.

    Do you people have any suggestions?


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