11 Charts That Show the Economy is Tanking

Stock Market Crash - Public Domain
The Bureau of Economic Analysis announced that Quarter 4 GDP came in at 2.18%, the lowest economic growth rate since the “polar vortex.” Considering the 3rd Quarter it was 5.0, it has literally tanked.But look at all the high spending in Quarter 4 of 2014. What were people spending money for?  Not anything to do with retail sales, as in the end of 2014 (and the start of 2015) retail sales tanked:

GDP Plunges to Less Than Half From Last Quarter

Retail Sales December 2014 and January 2015

So what did Americans spend all their money on? SUPRISE – Obamacare! Spending on healthcare in the fourth quarter was at the highest ever, pushing the total up by $1 billion more, to a whopping $21.4 Billion.
The biggest indicator of future economic growth being the Baltic Dry Index- that is down to levels never seen,  since records began 28 years ago…

baltic dry  index

February’s Chicago PMI crashes to 45.8 (missing expectations of 57.5) – its lowest since July 2009indicating contraction in the manufacturing sector in the Midwest. Any reading over 50.0 indicates expansion, while readings under 50.0 indicate contraction.

Caterpillar sales have long been the world’s industrial bellweather has – suffered over 2 years of declining sales:

And the unemployment tsunami created by the drop in oil prices begins in Texas:

This is the biggest drop Since Nov 2012- 0% of Small Business Owners 
Expect a Better Economy


  • 13% of employers think it is a good time to expand
  • Employers anticipating job creation falls to 14%
  • Percentage of firms expecting a better economy falls to 0%
  • Firms anticipating higher selling prices falls to 3%

Source: Zerohedge

small business optimism 2-15

There are 46.5 million Americans in the SNAP program.  In late 2006, before the Great Recession, that number was 43% lower at 26.3 million.  So, tell me this: if the U.S. economy is growing, and job growth is accelerating, so why hasn’t the SNAP program seen reduced participation? 

And finally, if we are in a recovery, then why are the number of Americans working at the lowest number since 1977?

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.