12 Questions For Anyone That Believes That COVID-19 Is A Hoax

(By Mike Adams of Natural News) Question #1) Many in the alternative media reported on the New York City nurse who filmed undercover video and blew the whistle on how NYC hospitals were killing patients by rooming non-infected patients with coronavirus-infected patients, allowing transmission to occur. But how can non-infected patients be killed by the coronavirus if the coronavirus is a hoax?

Question #2) Alternative media outlets that are currently reporting the coronavirus to be a “hoax” are also reporting on how the mainstream media lied and covered up the story of how hydroxychloroquine can effectively and affordably treat coronavirus patients. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then what exactly is hydroxychloroquine treating, then?

Question #3) Many in the independent media are now pushing “mask hysteria” and claiming that wearing a mask causes death by asphyxiation or carbon dioxide poisoning. Yet Asian cultures — Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. — have been wearing masks in public for decades, without a single recorded event of someone dying from wearing a mask. Surgeons wear masks during surgery without passing out, and masks are routinely worn by construction workers to filter particular matter such as sawdust, drywall dust and paint. If these masks have been safe and effective for more than fifty years, how did masks suddenly and magically become deadly and toxic in the last three months? Did the laws of physics change?

Question #4) Coronavirus pandemic skeptics claim all the infections and deaths are faked. But if all the deaths are faked, then why did those who are faking the deaths decide to keep dropping the daily death numbers from mid April through the end of June? If they’re faking all the deaths, then wouldn’t they want to keep faking more and more of them to make the pandemic look worse and worse? Why would they fake fewer deaths over time?

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