33 Of John Paul Jackson’s Most Important Prophecies

In 2008, John Paul Jackson warned us that a “perfect storm” was coming to America, and he also specifically told us that most of the things that he was shown would not happen until about a decade later.  Well, here we are in the exact time frame that John Paul Jackson warned us about, and we are seeing so many of his prophecies being fulfilled right in front of our eyes.

A gentleman named Larry Nevenhoven went through one of John Paul Jackson’s videos about “the perfect storm” and pulled out 33 of the most important prophecies.  As you can see, many of them have either been fulfilled already or are in the process of being fulfilled right now…

So the Lord began to tell me about things in 2007 and began to show me things that were going to be happening. Things like Egypt and He said, “Watch what’s going to be happening in the Middle East and here’s a sign for you: Egypt.

President Mubarak is going to be removed from office and Egypt will turn into a terrorist state. Know when that happens, the rest of the Arab states that do not espouse religious extremism – Islamic religious extremism – they will be deposed under a false guise and a harsher regime will take each of their places, including Saudi Arabia. And it will begin. So watch Egypt.

He said, “Begin to watch the European Community because I’m going to trouble the waters in Europe and the Euro is going to start to fall. And it will weaken and it will crumble. And shortly after that, your dollar will follow.”

I said, “Oh my goodness, Lord.”

He said, “My people are going to cry out to Me.”

I said, “When?”

He said, “It will keep getting darker until they do. It will keep getting darker until they do.”

In March, I was on Daystar TV and the Lord had me prophesy about a coming assassination attempt on a congressman. Little did I know that in August of that year, that would happen with Gabby Giffords.

(He misspoke and used the wrong month here. Giffords’ assassination
attempt happened in January, 2011.)

There will come times when the sports stadiums aren’t full because no one can afford to pay the prices to go to a New York Giants game or a Jets game or a Patriots game or a Cowboys game or a Rams game. Nobody can afford to pay the price.

Even this year, tensions in Israel and Iran are going to escalate. The day is going to come when Israel will hit Iran. They already have hit…there were mystery explosions that happened. And the Lord told me about this: Israel will one day send rockets into Iran, but before that day happens, there will be other explosions called mystery explosions. And those have happened. But one day it is going to happen and when that takes place and those missiles hit Iran, there’s going to be a huge growth of anti-Semitism and everybody’s going to blame Israel on the price of gasoline. You are going to see incredible backlash that will happen and you are going to see OPEC countries forming an alliance saying, “We will not sell to anybody that supports Israel.

So, America, if you want gasoline, you’d better…you’d better stop your support of Israel. Israel will become a difficult thing and Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling. It is going to happen and it is going to happen, not years from now, sooner than that. And everything is going to begin to change.

We’re going to see the dollar collapse. We’re going to see a new American currency. We’re going to see a new global currency. We’re going to see a new One World’s currency. We’re going to see a new One World order. We’re going to see a whole new economic structure set up between Mexico, Canada, and the United States. We’re going to see a whole new structure set up with the European Economic Community. We’re going to see a whole new thing that’s going to be going. The United Nations is going to be getting stronger. The EU is going to be getting stronger.

We going to be seeing Turkey rise, seemingly, out of the ashes and become an incredible force in the Middle East with darkness in the core of it. Right now, Turkey seems to be rather demure, but Turkey will not remain demure for long.

And you’re going to see Russia take on a whole new nationalism and Russia is
going to create a crisis to spawn nationalism. Because it realizes that it is losing its youth.

And so Putin coming back in is part of the whole thing the Lord talked to me about… Putin and Medvedev would begin to clash. Putin would end up taking over, but there is a third guy behind the scene who is more ruthless than that. And he will end up showing up on the scene. He is not on the scene yet, but he will be on the scene and Putin is setting the stage for his coming. He is not the Anti-Christ because the Anti-Christ comes from somewhere else. But it is all a part of the whole end-times scenario.

And Russia is going to end up blackmailing many of the small satellite nations that used to be a part of the Soviet bloc and demanding that they come into a whole new alliance and whole new agreement. Poland will be blackmailed. I hope they don’t succumb. I have to give a message to them in the Spring when I go there.  Czechoslovakia, the Slavic countries, Romania, Ukraine, Kachestan – all these will be blackmailed by Russia.
“So if you want our oil and if you want our gas, you will come back in and if you don’t, we will close the pipeline tomorrow.”

And they’re waiting for gas to get up high enough so they can close the pipeline to those countries and still function economically in their own state. But they have to wait for the price of gasoline to get up high before they can cut the pipeline off.

This is what the Lord showed me and going into these details with me and I’m saying, “Lord I don’t think I can retain all this.”

And He said, “Yes, you can.”

The earthquakes are going to be coming and they are going to change the tilt of the earth. So we had the Chili earthquake and the tilt changed. We had the New Zealand earthquake and the earth tilt changed. We had the Japan earthquake and the tilt of the earth changed. And He said, “When you start to see this happening, and the tilt of the earth changes, the jet streams are going to change, weather patterns are going to change dramatically. And countries are going to experience climatological changes they have never experienced before and it will cause the loss of crops. Whether it be fruit crop or grain crop or vegetable crops, you see, jet streams are going to change because the tilt of the earth has changed. Just one-degree change, just a half degree change can mean hundreds of miles of change in the jet stream.

And He said, “When this begins to happen, cracks are going to begin to form in the shields of the earth. When that happens, the sun is going to rise…and eruptions from the sun are going to come and the energy from the sun will seep into the cracks. The day will come when it wipe out many of your satellites. And when that happens, no cell phones, no ATMs, no bank transfers, no TV when that happens. And the day will come when airplanes in the sky can’t land and they have to figure out how they are going to land because they have no satellite guidance system. It’s all going to be visual.

This type of thing…we are going to face this type of thing if we do not cry out to God. The moment we cry out to God, He will stop the process if it is a sustained cry.

But the problem is if we don’t cry out, this is what is coming our way, headed our way…

There is so much that is about to take place in this nation, so many things. There are other assassination attempts that are coming. I..I am not a part of any of that. I just know what God has shown me.

There is anger going to be erupting. There is violence going to be in the streets. Rich houses and neighborhoods are going to be invaded. The Robin Hood mentality, “What’s yours is mine,” is going to spread and all you’re going to be seeing in [some]
multimillion dollar neighborhoods is chimneys left standing and burnt chars of the houses. Violence is going to be so prevalent that police forces are not going to be able to take care of it. And even the military forces will only be able to take care of it in the urban areas and not the rural areas. Not even all the urban areas will be taken care of. It will be so wide spread.

Our military will be coming home, the Lord said. Finances are going to force you to shrink the size of the military. It will end up causing cracks to form in the military and end up allowing your country to be invaded if you do not turn your heart to Me.
So I’m starting to read about the shrinking of the military. I’m reading about the numbers, they’re cutting X numbers of, tens of thousands of military positions, I started to read what they’re doing and I’m going, “Oh, my goodness, it’s happening.”

Has there been military excess? Probably. I don’t doubt that, but I also know this is what the Lord said, this is going to be happening. “Your army is going to start shrinking. Your protection is going to start shrinking because you are going to think,
the pride of your heart is going to say, ‘we don’t need it.’”

We’re going to see tornadoes coming because there are going to be changes in the jet streams, the climatological changes, they are going to have to invent a higher category of tornado. I think the highest it goes to right now is F5. I think it’s going to
have to go to F6. Whatever category they don’t have, that’s what they’re going to have to have because they’ve never measured wind speeds in tornados this high before. That’s coming. Hurricanes that are over 500 miles wide are going to hit this nation.

Volcanoes are going to erupt in the Northwestern part of the United States. Cities will be dramatically impacted. There will be things that happen that are just unheard of.

The shape of the United States will change if we do not cry out to God. See here’s why. You say, “Why is all this happening?” It boils down to the Garden of Eden and that is this: whenever man fell away from God, he began to decay. Everything he
touched began to decay. The Lord said it kind of like this, “And the earth will longer yield itself to you.”

Drought is going to continue to escalate in the lower half of the United States. So much so, just as it says in Revelations Chapter 6, “A loaf of bread…there may be bread but what it is going to cost you will be enormous. So much so they will have to put guards on trucks to keep trucks from being robbed for their food.

Earthquakes will not only strike coastal areas but even in the Midwestern United States.

There will be places where hail falls and it will be over a foot thick of hale. There will be softball sizes of hale and 24 inches of rain in 24 hours.

There will be tornados with such force that automobiles will become airborne missiles.

The Lord told me there would be a pandemic that came, but the first one would prove to be little but feared. But the second one that comes would be serious. So there is a pandemic that is going to be coming.

There will be changes in our gravity, as there will be a shift happening in the magma of the earth. Changes will happen in the gravity field. Look for notifications of changes in the gravity field. And with that will come heating of the ocean floors and the oceans changing temperatures. That will end up killing lots of fish and everything else in the ocean.

China’s escalation is not by accident. It was planned and it is strategic and it has the design to be leading power in the world.

There is a commercial paper bubble that is about to burst in the commercial real estate markets. He told me in 2007, there is going to be a move for people to grow their own foods. And boy has that happened. And if you are going to buy food, do not buy
anything that has been genetically modified. It won’t reproduce itself. And there is coming a blight in genetically modified crops. They think they’re blight proof, but they are not. When this thing hits, it will spread like wildfire. So you will see entire crops like wheat or corn or some grain product it will be seen and also tomatoes.

You need to pray for President Obama’s protection. There is a plan to take his life. He said, “Whether you agree or disagree is not the question, son. Pray for his protection. I’ve commanded you to pray for his protection. The Bible, My word
commands you to pray for his protection. That all will be well with you. The worst thing that could happen is for him to be taken out. Not talking about being reelected or not being reelected, but about being taken out. The worst thing that could happen is for him to be taken out.

He showed me, I don’t know what city, but I know it’s a coastal city, and the result was from a dirty bomb. And a dirty bomb blew up in a coastal city and it was uninhabitable for over 30 years. It was that level of radiation that was released.

He told me, “If you have the opportunity to buy rural land – take it – because it’s going to become very valuable as the people flee the cities.

This country is going to cut most of its foreign aid programs and as a result international dictators will multiply.

He said, “There’s going to come a growing anarchy among the gay and lesbian community. And there will be reports of mobs maiming and torturing heterosexual men. Also watch for homosexual men being able to carry a baby through organ transplant. So transplanting of a uterus and the ability of a man, because of technology, to carry a baby.

Many large churches are going to end up filing for bankruptcy because they can’t make the building payment. The church has taken on the concept that numbers mean anointing. So, they compromise My word not to offend in order to keep the finances.

The church must learn how to contend for the faith once again. We are weak and we fall away so easily when crisis hits. We’ve not been tested and we’ve lost our resolve. And we understand little of the adversaries’ plans.

The church has lost the ability to debate their faith without becoming angry. And thus we have so few strong, clear, godly voices in the political arenas. We have lost our witness, the witness that convicts others and strongly testifies that God is still God and will still do what He has always done. As a witness we are to prove that God exists. We have to return to more then a knowledge of God, but a craving to know God. I mentioned last night that it’s not just knowing about God, but we have to return to a craving to know Him. That’s intimacy with Him. The concept that Abraham knew Sarah and she conceived. That idea of close knowing of one another. The church must return to the love of God’s word and the belief that it is infallible and inerrant in its original form. This would include the conviction, knowledge, and understanding that God is absolute. And there is only one way to know Him and that’s through Jesus.

We need a new revelation of God’s omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, eternality, and immutability. That’s why I talked about it last night because until we understand that, we will lose heart in the midst of a battle. But if we know our God and that nothing can defeat Him, nothing is smarter than Him, nothing knows more than Him…until we know those things, our faith will weaken and we will tremble when signs in the heaven come.

I believe if you read Jeremiah 30 you will find Jacob’s troubles. We are there.

But here is what Psalms says for us, Psalm 24 regarding Jacob’s troubles: He shall receive blessings from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him, who seek God’s face. Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of Glory shall come in.

See it’s in Jacob’s troubles that the King of Glory will come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty. The Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up you everlasting doors. And the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of Glory. Selah. If we turn to seek the Lord, there will be a much clearer definition of Christianity, which means much more persecution. It will not include luke-warm. Those who will ascend the hill in the times of Jacob’s troubles will include those who have clean hands and a pure heart who are not vain or puffed up in their thinking. You will live in the thick, holy presence of God. You will hear Him and be guided by Him. Gates of heaven will open up to you and those spiritual questions that have been difficult for you to understand will now become easy to understand. The everlasting or ancient doors will open means the ancient spiritual truths, which have been hidden for a long time will be revealed. They’re in the Bible but because we are blind we can’t see what they mean. It’s not like it’s a new scripture. It’s all right here (in the Bible) but we are blind. We have eyes to see, but see not. Ears to hear, but hear not. The might and strength of the of the Lord of hosts will come into your circumstances and your situation and He will fight and they will fight on your behalf. And the Lord of glory will come into your house.