6 Reasons WHY You Are NOT Losing Weight

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing weight has got to be one of the most frustrating things for a woman to go through.

So many of us have worked through diet programs and fitness classes over the years, only to find that we lose the weight, and then for some reason, the weight loss stalls, and we plateau for some reason or another.

Have you been there?

If you have, you might have given up on weight loss……

Hopefully this article will get you motivated again with some reasons why you are not losing the weight.

What I have learned through researching this subject, is that obesity is not a disease, it is only a symptom, a sign, a warning that your body is out of order.

Here are a couple things that aren’t often brought up when the subject of weight loss is discussed….

1. You Are Filled With Undigested Fecal Matter, Not Fat

If you have never done a cleanse in your life, chances are your body is toxic, which has resulted in weight gain.

Consider this example:

Suppose you have a clogged shower filled with hair. We have all been there……. You jump into the shower in the morning and notice the bathtub filling up with water. You decide to live with it, instead of cleaning the drains. Slowly over the weeks, the water in the tub adds up and being the lazy person you are, you just let it drain over an hour period, as you head off to work, until one day, the drain just plugs, and you simply have no way of taking a shower without the floor being soaked. At this point you have take action, because you certainly cannot go without washing yourself before work.

You are the point where you can no longer use your shower, yet, for some reason we assume our body organs should function differently. We wrongly assume that without any cleaning or maintenance that they don’t pile up with garbage, thus they no longer function. We cannot see our organs, but we also cannot see the drain pipes hidden in the walls. YET, we do get warning signs of being clogged. The question is………Are you ignoring the warning signs?

Detoxing your body can include a cleanse of the bowels, a cleanse of the blood, cleaning the liver and lungs and other organs.

A bowel cleanse can be a kick start to great weight loss, if you have never tried it before.

Clogged ColonWe have all seen those persons with almost normal body proportions, except when it came to their enormous abdomen. You have seen the man who looks like he is pregnant in the gut, but yet has normal, or skinny legs compared to his abdomen. That person can do sit-ups to try to flatten their abdomen, but it simply won’t work, because it isn’t fat, but rotting poop in the colon.

The colon can expand up to five times its normal size when stuffed. Surgeons have reported that they have seen expanded colons up to 12 inches in diameter, with a central opening the size of a pencil! (Tissue Cleansing p. 27)

The colon is a muscular tube about six feet long. Over time, the process of undigested layers of waste sticks to the lining of the colon wall, and the passageway gradually becomes harder, smaller and smaller, requiring more force to push everything through.

A clean colon is essential to our overall health. The liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body. It works by filtering out and neutralizing dangerous poisons from the blood and then passing them out of the body through the colon by bile duct. If the colon is plugged, it can be thought of like flushing a toilet clogged with toilet paper. Over time, everything backs up, which results in sickness and disease. In fact, your first cleanse must start with the colon, because you cannot repair other organs if you don’t have a clean pathway out of the body.

Your bowel transit time should be within 24 hours. Test how long your food takes to exit the body by eating corn. Corn is never fully broken apart in a stool, which should give you a visual indication how long it takes fecal matter to be pushed through.

A few ways to clean your colon…………

A. A Colon Cleanse (At Home, 2 or 3 Month Program)

A minimal 60 day bowel detox is often recommended.

To work with a colon cleanse avoid dairy, white sugar and eat a lot of raw foods during this time. Drink 2 liters of water per day, along with giving yourself a super food supplement. Consider stopping all drugs, both prescription and over the counter.

Consider a diet that is based around salads. Eat a gigantic salad at lunch and dinner. What ever you additionally eat, make sure your salad is first and foremost. You can add pretty much anything to salads. I enjoy a warm salad every once in a while. I like to add in pan fried brussel sprouts, almonds with oil and organic ranch. Go with pan fried green peppers, garlic and organic ranch. Consider alternating your dressing to include organic olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or organic vinegar. They say that organic apple cider vinegar speeds up weight loss process, so start getting creative with your lunch and dinners with vegetables and plant based dinners. No matter how large your salad is, you won’t gain as much weight as you do from so many other dishes that are available.

Bowel cleanses often work with tablets that contain powerful cleansing and loosening herbs to break up the hardened plaque in the bowels. Most formulas should contain all organic herbs, so you really cannot over dose on a bowel cleanse, because it is all natural ingredients. Simply taking an laxative don’t break up the hardened matter. You can take these herbs throughout the year if you like in smaller doses after a really good bowel cleanse. Here are some of the herbs that should be listed in a good colon cleanse:

  • Psyllium Seeds- are rich in soluble fiber, and offers something different than most other viscous fibers, being that they are fermented completely. Psyllium can be effective in lowering cholesterol and is known for promoting weight loss.
  • Montmorillonite Clay is a clay derived from deposits of weathered volcanic ash. It has been considered one of the most effective natural intestinal detoxifying agents known in our time. The clay can absorb to 40 times its weight in fecal matter. It absorbs toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides much like a sponge does. In fact, according to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology , montmorillonite can absorb viruses, mold, RNA polymers, pesticides and herbicides including Roundup.
  • Apple Pectin has been known to remove metals and toxins, lower cholesterol and to help reduce the side effects of radiation therapy. Apple pectin actually breaks down mucus and binds itself to toxic metals. Apple pectin has the ability to bind water and toxins together, which bulks up the stool, while carrying the toxins out of the body. Amazing!
  • Willow Charcoal works like a furnace filter, or water filter. It traps thousands of times its own weight in gases, toxins, food additives and chemicals, and can absorb over 3,000 known drug residues.
  • Pau d’arco comes from the rain forests of Brazil and other areas of South America. Pau d’arco is necessary in a cleanse for it’s ability to help control Candida. Research has shown that it contains a natural antibacterial agent, which cleanses the whole body. It has been used for treatment of AIDS, allergies, asthma, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, as a blood builder, cancer, colitis, cystitis, smoker’s cough, diabetes, eczema, fistulas, gastritis, gonorrhea, hemorrhages, hernias, Hodgkin’s disease, liver disease, leukemia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, osteomyelitis, Parkinson’s disease, polyps, prostatitis, psoriasis, rheumatism, skin cancer, skin sores, and the list goes on and on.
  • Marshmallow Root- cleans the urinary and respiratory organs. It has been known to soothe and protect irritated mucous membranes, and treating inflammation.
  • Slippery Elm Bark- has been known to draw out impurities and toxins, assisting with the healing of body parts. Slippery elm coats and soothes irritated tissues of the intestines, colon, urinary tract, and stomach ulcers.
  • Licorice Root- stimulates the production of digestive fluids and bile, reduces intestinal inflammation, and supports the healthy function of the kidneys, liver and bladder. It does wonders in protecting the lining of the intestinal tract; increases the life span of the intestinal cell; and improves blood supply to the intestinal lining.
  • Fennel-reduces gas, indigestion, intestinal disorders, and flatulence. It has been known to break up kidney stones and uric acid in the tissues. Fennel (seed) will help clear mucus and phlegm from the lungs and it also gets rid of mucus in the intestinal tract. It also has tissue cleansing properties that aid cleansing in the gall bladder and liver. Fennel has been effective for cancer patients after radiation and chemotherapy.

How long should you detox?

According to The Doctor Within, you should detox until you can get yourself eliminating on a daily basis with no discomfort. Many people proclaim that one day in the cleanse, you should experience a major cleansing ejection. A few people get nervous when this happens, thinking their “brains have come out”, and most will experience a feeling of lightness and clarity they haven’t had for years. They say that is the beginning of detox.

B. Colon Irrigation/ Colonic (Professional Treatment)– Colonic irrigation is a type of enema that injects large amounts of water with controlled pressure through the rectum, which reaches high into the colon. They use as much as 120 to 133 liters of filtered water which gently rinses the colon. The average colon weighs approximately four pounds, but it is common for this type of flush to remove as much as ten to thirty pounds of stagnant fecal matter over a period of colonic cleansing. This process may take 1, to 4 treatments.

The down side to a colonic is that this procedure still only captures loose fecal matter, however it goes higher into the colon. It doesn’t draw from bowel pockets, and it does disturb your pH balance, and will flush your good bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

C. Colon Detoxification (Professional Treatment)– This process involves an intestinal vacuum. This process draws out old fecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any bowel pockets. It draws out poisons, toxins, heavy metals, and any radio active material. A good detoxifier will also remove over 2,000 known drug residues.

The advantages of this are, it restores the colon back it’s original function, allowing muscle movement of the colon by taking out the hard residue. It is like your bowels can move again, because the hardened plaque is removed. This procedure increases the flow of bile to help clean the gall bladder, bile ducts, and liver. This route gives you a quick clean out of the hard residue that normally would take a couple months to loosen.

D. Drink 8 Glasses Of Clean Water Each Day– So simple, yet so profound…. People often think that drinking water will make bloated. If you are overweight, or at an ideal weight, your body needs to flush the toxins from your fat cells. Water is critical for weight loss. Pair your water with lemon to get the full detox effect.

2. Overweight People Have Slow Metabolisms

What this means is that people with slow metabolisms eat small amounts of food and gain weight. Your body doesn’t burn it off very quickly and, instead, turns it into fat. People who have high metabolisms can eat large amounts of food and they simply don’t gain weight. It doesn’t have to do with the luck of the draw, but rather clogged organs.

If you have repeatedly lost weight and then gained the weight back, chances are, your metabolism is all screwed up.

Your metabolism is basically certain organs and glands in your body which regulate how your body burns food for fuel and how it converts food into fat. These organs include the thyroid, pancreas, liver, stomach, small and large intestines, and colon.

If you suspect you have a slow metabolism, there is really good chance that some of these organs not working at optimal levels. Why? Keep reading…….

Extra Weight Loss Tips With Metabolism

– Add Anything Spicy To Your Dishes. Anything spicy or hot will increase your metabolism and make you burn fat quicker. Consider hot peppers, or hot salsa to your dishes and aid your body in losing weight faster. Cayenne pepper can stimulate metabolism up to 20 per cent, and stimulates metabolism by heating up your body, thus burning more calories.

– Organic Apple Cider Vinegar– Increases your body’s metabolic rate, allowing you to burn calories more efficiently. In addition, it helps to alkalize the body, preventing you from becoming too acidic, which can support weight loss.

– Drink Lemon Water – Lemons help to increase your metabolic rate, and slows down the rate of starch digestion, helping to keep blood sugar balanced. This prevents spikes in insulin and reduces fat storage.

Start Drinking Green Tea– Green tea can help increase metabolic rate, while also improving fat oxidation. The polyphenols found in green tea work to increase the rate at which calories are burned, and therefore raises metabolism.

-Eat LOTS OF Apples. Apples have been found to be loaded with fiber and nutrients, and they normalize your blood sugar and decrease your appetite!

A – The Liver Is In Charge Of Your Metabolism- A Slow Metabolism Makes You Fat

The liver controls many imperative functions in your body, yet we don’t give it a second thought when it comes to losing weight.

If you eat a large amount of fat and sugar, (over the recommended limit that the liver can handle), the excess fat and sugar will be not be burned, but stored in other places in the body.

When your liver is clogged with fat, it has difficulty breaking down the fat you digested to use as fuel. Once the liver is clogged, then the process of breaking down fat then gets shuffled towards fat storage than fat break down.

The number one reason your liver is clogged and not operating properly is the nonprescription over-the-counter drugs you have or ARE taking. Any cholesterol reducing drugs clogs your liver. If your water has either chlorine or fluoride added to it, your liver must filter those out. Food additives also are handled by the liver. Refined sugar and white flour clog the liver. Artificial sweeteners used in coffee and baking clog this liver. MSG (monosodium glutamate) and any preservatives in your food all clog the liver. So think about how much your liver handles after a typical meal YOU eat. Are you eating all of the above? If so you are putting your liver through hell, and at some point, it becomes over worked and just shuffled most of these things into fat. Wonder why your fat? Consider this.

Here is a couple ways to get your liver cleaned out and functioning well:

I. Be Active – Your liver wants to send that fat to be burned, so give it a chance to do so. Persons over weight participated in a four week aerobic cycling program, and ended up clearing out 21 percent of their liver fat. Walking on a treadmill for one hour per day has been said to improve fatty liver problems.

II. Processed Foods Are Handled By The Liver- Start reading the back of your food packages and make some changes to your diet. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, chances are, it will have to be filtered out by your liver.

III. REALLY Limit Meat and Dairy- Animal fats such as cream, cheese, and fat from meat gets deposited right into the blood stream, which then goes through the liver. Not only does dairy and meat cause your arteries to CLOG, they make you gain weight. While plant based oils are liquid at cold temperatures, meat on the other hand turns hard. Think back to frying beef in a pan. If you let the fat cool in the pan on the stove, it turns hard after it cools down. This is the case in your body as well. Have you really seen a fat vegetarian? Don’t eliminate meat, just be smarter about portion sizes.

Eating a large amount of meat at one meal, let alone three of your daily meals will surely result in a very fatty liver. The digestion of meat and dairy are severely taxing on the liver. In addition, if we are eating meat, or dairy from animals that have been fed antibiotics or hormones, the liver must also filter those foreign chemicals out of our bodies. Another job for this very small organ. There are some vegetables, plants and nuts that contain so much MORE protein that is found in meat products. Just some of those examples are pumpkin seeds, asparagus, cauliflower, peanuts, mung bean sprouts, almonds, spinach, and broccoli amongst so many others not listed.

IV. Lemon Water Detoxes – Oh how simple! Squeeze lemon juice into warm water first thing in the morning. Cold water requires more time to process because calories must be used to warm it up before it can get to your liver. Warm or lukewarm water will access your liver much sooner and act as a cleaning agent and can help to unclog your liver filter. It has been discovered that lemon oil breaks down motor oil from machinery, so no wonder this would work on fat in our bodies.

V. Eat Smaller Meals More Often To Jump Start A Slow Metabolism– Dr Oz once compared the metabolism to a fire. If you don’t get it going until the noon, or towards the end of the day, it won’t get hot enough to burn anything. Rather, you want to start the fire in the morning, and get it going large and strong throughout the day. 80 percent of the people who are overweight eat a small breakfast or none at all. 80 percent of thin people eat a large breakfast. Isn’t that interesting? Another secret, is to not eat after 6pm. You can eat like a cow all day long, but they say if you stop eating after 6:00 p.m., you will still lose weight! Your body stops burning fat when you go to bed for the most part, so eating a whole bag of chips in front of the tv works against you.

B. Most Fat People Have an Under-active Thyroid

If you have an under-active thyroid, your bodies ability to convert food to energy is slow, and most of the time, this food is turned into fat, instead of being used.

Many experts suggest fluoride in the water is one of the reasons why Americans in particular have an under active thyroid.

There are some other guesses including a a lack of iodine, radiation therapy along with medications such as lithium (treatment depression and bipolar disorder), amiodarone, (medication to treat irregular heartbeats), and interferons , (used to treat cancer and hepatitis C)

Food additives such as the artificial brown color in pop which is made by reacting corn sugar with ammonia and sulfites under high pressures and at high temperatures, which in turn produces the chemicals 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole, has been found to cause lung, liver and thyroid cancer in lab rats and mice. Food additives should be also considered in a low functioning thyroid gland.

Virgin Coconut Oil offers great hope for those suffering from hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) today. I didn’t even realize how much hypothyroidism was affecting my life till I started on the Virgin Coconut Oil and suddenly had energy like the Energizer Bunny! I also gave up the white toxins (wheat flour, refined sugar, potatoes, and other high-glycemic index foods) and that, in combination with my Virgin Coconut Oil consumption has made a tremendous difference in my hormonal balance, mood stability, stamina and overall energy. And, I’m slowly but steadily losing a little bit of weight without effort” Thyroid Health: A Key to Weight Loss

C. A Pancreas That Does Not Work Will Make You Fat

The pancreas is in charge of secreting insulin. A fat person’s pancreas secretes more insulin than that of a thin person. Why does this happen? Again, we don’t have answers for why this happens.

Many have speculated that the food additives are responsible. Why is it that Americans are fatter than any other nation in the world? Much of our food contains harmful and unnatural food additives are banned in other countries. High amounts of refined sugar cause this pancreas problems as well. In almost every product we eat, we are eating a terrific amount of sugar that gets dumped into our systems which then has to be processed by these organs. Everything from sugar in bread, to sugar in meat. We are consuming a LARGE amount of sugar. Could this be another reason why we are fat?

Other Cleanses

Consider working a summer and winter LIVER and BLOOD cleaning program, and in the fall and spring focus on the INTESTINAL cleansing programs that combine a heavy metal detox yearly. Alternating these cleanses will promote overall body wellness and offset disease and signs of aging.

“I then came across information on apple juice fasting and olive oil/lemon juice liver and gallbladder cleansing. I decided to give it a try. The result was dramatic. After just the first cleanse, my pains, allergies and arthritis all disappeared. Apparently, malic acid in apple juice is excellent in dissolving the stagnant bile accumulated in the liver. I was really amazed by the amount of stagnant bile driven out by the apple juice. Details of the apple juice fasting and olive oil/lemon juice cleansing procedures are given in gallbladder flushing.” – Sensiblehealth.com

3. A Lack Of Good Digestive Enzymes Will Make You Fat- Probiotics For Digestion

Think of the good digestive enzymes as tiny organisms that eat up your food for you. Overweight people also have challenges producing digestive enzymes. Again, most point their finger of blame to food additives and medications. The small and large intestine in overweight people are not as healthy as those of thin people, and the problem is Candida yeast overgrowth.

One reason? Antibiotics.

Chances are, if you have taken just one antibiotic in your life, that antibiotic killed all of the friendly flora in your intestine and allowed for Candida to take over your intestines. When candida takes over, your digestion and elimination slows right down.

Over the years, as a society we have focused so much on fighting bad bacteria, that it is only now that we have understood the importance that good bacteria plays in our lives.

Sadly most of us think that yogurt will do a good job of replacing the digestive enzymes, but in fact, some people say they are only minimally effective at re-populating the gut biome.

Keep these things in mind……..

– Food cravings have been generally caused by Candida yeast overgrowth.

– If you find yourself hungry all the time, chances are, the hunger is caused by your body’s inability to take in nutrients due to lack of digestive enzymes and Candida yeast overgrowth.

You can re-populate your gut by…….

A. Taking Probiotic Supplements. These cost as little as $12 dollars. It is not expensive.

B. Eating Foods Which Help Regulate Your Gut Flora– Foods like sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, collards, kale, and celery.

C. Do a Candida Cleanse If you are overweight, you most likely have a Candida yeast
overgrowth, and losing weight will be nearly impossible for you. If you wipe out the excess Candida, losing weight should be so much easier to see results.

4. Avoid Buying Products With Chemicals That Make You Hungrier And FAT

There are additives that actually make you gain weight. Do you know what those ingredients are off hand?

If you don’t, it could be yet another reason why you continue to gain weight.

Fat people actually are the ones who buy “diet food”, and here is the sad news, most “diet food” actually makes you gain weight.

Products that are labeled “sugar free,””diet,” “low fat,” “low calorie,” “lite,” “light,” “low carbs,” “lean,” are often filled with large amount of sugar, chemical additives and artificial sweeteners that have been said to make you gain weight.

  • AVOID MSG- ( monosodium glutamate) is a flavor-enhancer found in canned veggies, soups and ice cream and SO many products. One animal study suggested the chemical triggers a 40 percent increase in appetiteFox News
  • AVOID Artificial Sweeteners- Many labels say “sugar free,” but contain elements that make you actually gain weight. Start looking at the labels. You can find artificial sweeteners in cakes, pies and a wide range of products. If you drink pop, there is no excuse for you. You should know the amount of sugar in pop is mind blowing. Do you use artificial sweeteners in your coffee? Start investigating what you are eating and eliminate it.

You can buy smart, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to start looking at labels before putting products into your shopping cart.

“Artificial sweeteners could have the effect of triggering appetite but unlike regular sugars they don’t deliver something that will squelch the appetite,” Sharon Fowler, obesity researcher at UT Health Science Center at San Diego seen on CBS News. According to Fowler, sweeteners could inhibit brain cells that make you feel full. – Care2.com

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Greater Weight Gain Than Sugar

This Might Explain Why Diet Soda Drinkers Are Often Overweight

  • Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup – The syrup interferes with the body’s metabolism so that a person can’t stop eating. It’s truly hard to control cravings because high fructose corn syrup slows down the secretion of leptin in the body. Leptin is a crucial hormone in the body that tells you that you’re full and to stop eating. High Fructose Corn Syrup, (also be called corn sugar) contains high concentrations of fructose. Fructose is very difficult for the liver to process. This results in multiple problems, including a fatty liver, high triglycerides, and disruption of the body’s normal appetite signaling system.

HFCS Digests VERY Slowly – Unlike the natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables, HFCS is an artificial sugar that your body is not equipped to handle. In general, it takes natural sugars about a day to go through the digestion process in your body. On the other hand, it takes high fructose corn syrup about three or four days to properly digest. In the meantime, you’re likely eating more processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup. Can we say “back up”??? This can lead to your body struggling to digest all of it. This can cause you to gain weight. -fitday.com

HFCS Makes You HUNGRY, While Regular Sugar Calms Your Hunger Hormones. A study done at the University of Pennsylvania found that fructose does not suppress the hunger-hormone ghrelin the way that glucose (table sugar does). Women who ate fructose felt like they were starving all day. So if you eat or drink HFCS, you’ll continue to consume more calories — even 24 hours later — than you would had you just eaten plain table sugar- jillianmichaels.com

HFCS Leads To Abnormal Increases In Body Fat “In addition to causing significant weight gain in lab animals, long-term consumption of high-fructose corn syrup also led to abnormal increases in body fat, especially in the abdomenScience Daily

5. Your Fat Because Your Eating Food That Has NO Nutritional Value- Your Body Isn’t Being Fed.

Many overweight people are undernourished. Many people-(doctors included)-assume that if weight is lost, fat is lost, but that may not be the case.

The next time you eat, take a good look at what you are eating. Are you eating food that will actually feed your body, or food that has no nutrients? If you are eating food with no nutritional value, chances are you will be hungry again in no time because your body isn’t being fed.

White sugar and flour has no fiber or nutrients.

Eating these foods send you on a burst of energy, and then cause you to come crashing down much hungrier than you were before. Words like “improved”, “enriched” are foods have actually been stripped of their original nutrients, so the manufacturers add a few synthetic vitamins and minerals to artificially give it some nutritional value. The final products have fewer nutrients, and are not received by our bodies as they would have been in their natural state.

Animal studies have shown that over three generations, a deficient diet causes reproduction to cease. Today, women are having a lot of trouble getting pregnant…Could this be one of the reasons?

Why Consider Organic Foods? Genetic engineering and spraying chemical poisons on crops are common practice in the food industry. They do this so the food won’t be damaged by disease, bugs or insects. The soil is then loaded with chemicals to make the plants grow faster, and the animals are pumped with growth hormones to make their meat bigger, and their milk more productive. While we cannot avoid this all together, there is no excuse to start reading labels to TRY making more informed choices for your body.

White Sugar Takes Precious Minerals From The Body When Digested -Dr. William Coda Martin says refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it lacks the natural minerals which are present in the sugar beet or cane. In fact, white sugar drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one’s entire system. Minerals such as sodium (from salt), potassium and magnesium (from vegetables), and calcium (from the bones) are mobilized and used in chemical transmutation; neutral acids are produced which attempt to return the acid-alkaline balance factor of the blood to a more normal state. Consider buying Natural Organic Sugar Instead.

White Sugar Is Stored In The Belly, Butt, and Thighs When We Consume Too Much– In order to protect the blood, calcium is taken from the bones and teeth that decay and general weakening begin. Initially sugar is stored in the liver in the form of glucose (glycogen). The liver’s capacity is limited. Intake above the recommended amounts makes the liver expand like a balloon. When the liver is filled to its maximum capacity, the excess glycogen is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids, which are then taken to parts of the body and are stored, such as inactive areas like the belly, the buttocks, the breasts and the thighs. – globalhealingcenter.com

Sugar Can Inhibit The Natural Order Of Digestion- When the stomach is focusing on breaking down other foods, sugar if present in the stomach, can cause rapid acid fermentation. All kinds-natural sugars, such as those in honey and fruit (fructose), as well as the refined white stuff (sucrose)-tends to arrest the secretion of gastric juices and have an inhibiting effect on the stomach’s natural ability to move. When starches and complex sugars (like those in honey and fruits) are digested, they are broken down into simple sugars called “monosaccharides”, which are usable substances-nutriments. When starches and sugars are taken together and undergo fermentation, they are broken down into carbon dioxide, acetic acid, alcohol and water. With the exception of the water, all these are unusable substances-poisons. When proteins are digested, they are broken down into amino acids, which are usable substances-nutriments. When proteins are taken with sugar, they putrefy; they are broken down into a variety of ptomaines and leucomaines, which are nonusable substances-poisons. Enzymic digestion of foods prepares them for use by our body. Bacterial decomposition makes them unfit for use by our body. The first process gives us nutriments; the second gives us poisons –(Sugar Blues,1975 by William Dufty) globalhealingcenter.com

  • Your PH Balance Is Low

Disease runs rampant in a body that has a low PH balance.

Cancer Cures, Body pH and Your Diet – Acid Alkaline Diet

pH and Cancer – Acidic pH Levels and their link to Cancer

A sixteen ounce bottle of Coke has a pH around 2. Very acidic. To bring the pH back up to our normal 7.3, we would have to dilute the Coke with about ten gallons of water. But we don’t usually drink ten gallons of water after every Coke.

Shocking to say the least!

So what happens to the colon from an over-acid diet? A lack of enzymes happens.

Enzymes are necessary to break down and digest food. If the environment is too acid, the enzymes in the stomach and small intestine don’t work very well. By the time it gets to the colon, everything that was supposed to be digested should have already had it happen. But it hasn’t. So the undigested food gets dumped into the colon. There are no digestive enzymes in the colon. So the food just sits there and rots. Worse off, minerals can only be absorbed at a certain pH. There is so much more to overall health and your bodies PH balance. Research it.

  • Test your PH balance, you can buy these strips from Amazon from as little as $10 dollars. See where your body sits on the PH level.

If You Love Cake And Cookies, Buy Them While Being Very Selective – If you are going to cheat, stop feeling guilty about it, and start buying smarter. Buy your cookies, and snacks from a health food store than the supermarket. Find all-natural organic ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies that actually contain wholesome ingredients. As soon as you get out of those big brand box stores, and shop at stores aimed for wholesome foods, you will find so many more brands at your disposal and they cost about the same, and you will eat less of them. If you read the ingredient list and choose wisely, there should be no reason why you have to deny yourself these treats. Just buy them without the chemicals that make you fat.

6. Fat People Don’t Pay Attention To Growth Hormone Labels On Milk, Cheese or Meat Products.

Are you one of the few people who intentionally look carefully for the label that says the product “does NOT contain animals treated with growth hormones”?

Usually there are one or two products on the shelf which you can buy without these hormones. You will also notice on the package they are legally obligated to include a statement that says studies conclude that you will also not be affected by these hormones which is nothing but legal covering.

If you don’t pay attention to these labels on your meat and dairy, could this be yet another reason why you are gaining weight?

Our meat and dairy supply is loaded with growth hormones, which are sadly given to animals to speed growth in order to increase production and profits. Once you look into this practice, it will make you vomit. Chickens cannot sustain their weight, as their legs buckle underneath them, and cows end up ballooning in size, which is not normal and I suspect very uncomfortable for these animals. Sadly our food production has become immoral on so many levels, that it is beyond sickening.

When you consume meat and dairy products that have these growth hormones, you are also giving yourself the growth hormone. Have you ever wondered why children today are maturing earlier and earlier and getting fatter at a younger age? Have you taken in account, that most of these people consume milk on a daily basis? Take that in for a moment and ponder it. I am not going to say to not eat meat or dairy, but research it yourself to see all the ways we gain weight off of animal fats.

In addition, processed meats are high in salt, fat and chemicals such as nitrites are added to many processed meats to maintain their color and to prevent contamination. Nitrites can be converted in the stomach to carcinogenic nitrosamines.
We have all heard endless advice about how to lose weight. Hopefully I have given you some alternative reasons why you might not be able to lose the weight. We notice what is happening to the outside of our bodies, but often don’t give one thought to what is happening inside.
If you have additional tips that have worked for you, please feel free to comment below.
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