A Tornado ‘Miraculously’ Changed Direction Just Before It Was Going To Slam Into A Children’s Hospital

Did we just witness a major miracle?  That is what some people are claiming after a tornado was miraculously redirected just before it was about to hit a children’t hospital in Dayton, Ohio.  The following comes from CBN

A twister that struck Dayton, Ohio on Memorial Day suddenly swerved from its path which could have been a direct hit on a children’s hospital.

“Miraculously, I do not know how this happened, but we are grateful it went around Children’s Hospital,” Dayton Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne told the Dayton Daily News. “It amazes me. It was going in a trajectory straight for the hospital and went in a different direction before it got there.”

The Dayton Daily News reports, “Given the extent of the tornado’s devastation, officials said it’s ‘miraculous’ no one was killed or seriously injured. The word ‘miracle’ surfaced time and again Tuesday.”