An Ebola Patient Is Being Shipped To A Hospital In Atlanta

Emory_University_Hospital - Photo by Daniel Mayer

Emory University Hospital is expected to receive a patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus within the next several days, the university announced Thursday.

It’s unclear when exactly the patient will arrive, according to a statement from Emory. The Clifton Road hospital has a specially built isolation unit to treat patients exposed to certain serious infectious diseases. Set up in collaboration with the Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the unit is physically separate from other patient areas and is one of only four such facilities in the country.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the Ebola death toll passed 700 in West Africa as security forces went house-to-house in Sierra Leone’s capital looking for patients and others exposed to the disease.

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4 thoughts on “An Ebola Patient Is Being Shipped To A Hospital In Atlanta”

  1. Yep not only is ebola coming to America. We are flying it in first class. Glad to hear the CDC will be involved. You know the CDC that exposed 12 of their people to Anthrax. The people who left vials of small pox in an unsecured storage room. Yup, sure can’t see how anything could go wrong with that. Sorry to hear how close you are Tim. I am only about 6 hours away myself.

  2. There are no proper precautions to take in the case of a deadly virus.
    Think common cold viruses. Just how effective have doctors been in isolating the common cold from infecting everyone?
    So bringing it here is obviously a huge mistake.
    The only effective method is to isolate the disease far from a populated area. Such as a place with subzero temperatures like Antarctica. Or in outer space, but a place where we can destroy all traces of the virus if necessary.
    Not in some place with a huge population of potential victims.
    The people doing this should be taken out back and shot. When you talk about exposing the general population of a place to something like this, that is my reaction. You want all your loved ones exposed and killed because someone is an idiot?
    I suggest we take them to court with an emergency injunction and take away their licenses to practice medicine.

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