Appeals court unanimously rules against Trump on travel ban

A San Francisco-based appeals court on Thursday rejected the Trump administration’s request to resume his executive action on immigration and refugees, setting up a potential showdown in the Supreme Court.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled unanimously that a nationwide restraining order against President Trump’s temporary travel ban may continue while a federal judge considers a lawsuit over the policy.

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2 thoughts on “Appeals court unanimously rules against Trump on travel ban”

  1. This is dangerous, like kicking a tiger.. the liberals really have no clue and have grossly miscalculated in their blind, dogmatic, ideological zeal. Trump very clearly has law on his side. The pertinent law is unambiguous; very plainly written and states that the President in his sole discretion can limit or stop the immigration of any group, for any reason he sees fit, for as long as he sees fit, if he deems it is in the best interest of the country to do so. Whenever Trump believes that he has been wronged, his reactions in the past have been ruthless, relentless and overpowering.

    In this case, the court is plainly and without question not only wrong; but demonstrably partisan and corrupted. This blatant injustice and interference with long standing, clearly written law, will correctly raise Trump’s ire like nothing else they could do or say. The activist judges who clearly do not respect the law have just kicked the “tiger” and peed in it’s face. This was extremely dumb of them and now they have, I fear, provoked the predictable response from the “tiger”. And honestly.. I think that they deserve Trump’s angry response because of their blatant disregard for clear, long established law that was exercised by numerous past Presidents, including our former Glorious Leader.. all without comment or interference.

  2. I agree that what this court unanimously just did is very dangerous.
    They are leaning on an apparent conflict in the appearance of law itself. Discrimination law is different.
    It is the only law in this country in which one must prove one is innocent rather than the court proving they are guilty.
    It is dangerous to everyone in this country effected by a clash of religious cultures that in some ways are puritan in their very nature concerning women.
    Statements by people in this culture often reflect a difference in the way they expect women to dress.
    These people make a big mistake simply because they reflect their own cultural dismay when exposed to Western Culture and morals.
    As a people, the United States reflects a very broad Christian and Jewish culture as well.
    In their countries, we often hear reports of violence against Christians.
    The simple truth is that a clash between cultures is likely to occur.
    Not just with Christian people. Not just with Jewish people. There is also a significant number of people without religion here. It is a huge and very different mix including Humanism, Budhists, Hindu, Agnostics, Aethists, and others not mentioned and they are all free here to practice whatever.
    That conflicts with belief systems in their native countries.
    There is such a thing as a conflict in belief which leads to incompatibility for some people with our legal system.
    They are not the first nor will they be the last people to have to adjust to our system or they will have to leave.
    We view these people sometimes wrong. Because those that adapt to our culture and to our ways of doing things are welcome here. They bring resources and talents and the mix of peoples in the past has given us an extremely big advantage over the rest of the world. What is not welcome is violence of any kind. And hopefully that is a mistake these immigrants will not make when they settle here. The extreme mix of peoples also leads to some people deciding to leave their native religious belief system and take up other beliefs. That is acceptable in this country but not acceptable where a lot of these people have come from.

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