Army to spend $300 million on bonuses and ads to get 6,000 more recruits

The Army plans to spend $300 million in a blitz of bonuses and advertising over the next eight months to recruit 6,000 additional soldiers it needs to fill out its ranks.

Legislation approved by Congress and signed late last year by former president Barack Obama halted a years-long drawdown of U.S. troops. Rising threats around the world have spurred the increase. The Army’s new goal for the remaining eight months of the fiscal year is 68,500, up from 62,500 recruits. The addition of 6,000 recruits to the goal makes it the largest in-year increase in the history of the all-volunteer force that dates to 1973.

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1 thought on “Army to spend $300 million on bonuses and ads to get 6,000 more recruits”

  1. When I see things like this it tells me the Army stepped all over their existing people in wars like Iran and other nasty places. When you order people back into a zone where they may easily be killed then no amount of money is enough to get people to join. At that point in time then you go back to drafting people. Some of these people have been sent back 4 times for tours in Iraq. I believe that was illegal in and of itself. When you make up the laws as you go along then people in our armed forces tend to have no rights.
    IF and WHEN a draft starts back up then the entire draft law needs questioning.
    It discriminates. Only males are drafted.
    It discriminates. You don’t draft illegal immigrant’s children.
    If my children have to go, then their children have to go.
    The law is antiquated. It needs to be dismissed as discriminatory against a lot of different groups including American Indians that are technically members of a foreign nation. They are under treaties with the United States.
    In my opinion you have had draft dodgers as a President. They gave no respect. They altered the veteran laws to keep people from getting treatment at a VA Hospital. This was done under President George Bush. He used executive orders to change the rules so anyone making over a certain amount of money loses their rights under the Veteran rules.
    The entire VA Hospital system is poorly financed and poorly run.
    So why would any sane person want to join the army under any circumstances?
    If you want professional soldiers you have to pay for them. It is that simple.
    Professional people are worth their weight.
    If you want professional armed forces then stop killing them off in useless conflicts where no one can win.

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