Asteroid Hits The Atlantic Ocean, 1000 Ft Tsunami Devastates The Entire East Coast – Prophetic Dream Given To Victoria L. Williamson

(By Meranda Snyder)

(This comment comes from Facebook)

Victoria L Williamson I had a dream that I was in a car with some other people riding on the beach in New York city shores. 

I looked out the window and saw a huge red flaming asteroid hit the Atlantic ocean. 

I saw a giant tsunami rise up. 

The wave was one thousand feet high and moving at a thousand miles an hour.

I saw the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Canada being covered in this wave. Florida was no more-  completely gone wiped out.  Then I saw the tsunami cover lower Manhattan over the Empire state building.  Everything was gone.  

Just as it started to curl over my car it seemed to stop in time.  The water color was blackish.  I saw a helicopter over me and it let down a ladder.  I climbed up and it carried me to safety on a mountain in the west and from there time. 

The tsunami wiped out everything from Florida to Canada in one huge wave. Everything was gone on the Eastern seaboard.  It went inland all the way to the Ohio valley through Tennessee Valley.  Nothing was left.  I was safe on the mountain.  The dream ends.