Awake O Sleeper – Wake Up The Servant Warrior


(By Ray Gano) Ephesians 5:14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

It still amazes me how the Holy Spirit brings scripture to one’s mind in the early morning.

I don’t know about you, but often I will wake up in the middle of the night and when I do, I find myself going into prayer. I often ask God to help us in the coming day, give me good words for people who email me. But on Mondays, I often ask God to give me an article to write that will help the readers, provide some nuggets of information or just plain encouragement.

When I asked God this morning for an article, he gave me the verse above. Now I have to admit that I had to look up the location, but I knew the verse.

“Awake O Sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ Jesus will shine His light upon you.“

That is how I remembered it in the wee hours of the morning. Of course that is Ray paraphrased.

About 20 years ago, we lost the culture war.

From that loss we have been negated, demoralized and made second class citizens. What happened to Christians in America is that we basically succumbed to a form of “Stockholm Syndrome.”

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

“Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.” – Google Search

Fast forward to today and we speak in hushed voices afraid to be heard and be squashed like a bug.

We gladly defend the entire gay agenda. Support the secular humanist ideas of no Christianity in the public’s eye, the atheists view of anti-Christian everything and the list goes on.


Because we have been beaten down into submission and we have become the real silent majority that is too afraid to even speak up.

That is till what has happened recently with the election of Donald Trump and the very strong conservative team that he is putting together.

For the first time in a long time Christians and conservatives are feeling hopeful and optimistic.

But on the other side, the liberals are sharpening their swords with great zeal getting ready for the attack, and they have not pulled any punches either.

Now something else has been taking place and that is the “silent majority” is starting to wake up and become the “vocal majority.”

We are starting to see something wake up in the spirits of Christians today. We are seeing hope and the taste of freedom remerge in the hearts of men and women across America.

These people who servant warrior spirit are starting to push back and the enemy is taking notice.

Folk, like it or not the spiritual battle has seeped over to the physical.

The children of Satan are not liking the fact that we, the Children of God are starting to grow a back bone once again. Their bully tactics are starting to not work anymore because we are recognizing that it is all bark and very little bite.

But the children of Satan continue to threaten the bite, and that threat still scares many, but those numbers are dropping off.

The servant warriors are waking up and beginning to get on the battle field and getting into the minor skirmishes… and that is what is greatly needed. Getting out there and starting to fight.

See, because we have been beaten down so much, we have lost the will to fight, but more than that, we have forgotten how to fight and what it means to be in a fight.

In fact, if truth be told, I really do not see us being afraid of the children of Satan, standing up to these degenerates probably does not scare us.

What fear is the fight itself, because we have forgotten how to fight or what it is like to fight.

This is where we as Christians need to wake up that servant warrior spirit within.

The glorious thing is that those servant warriors who have woken up, gotten on the battle field and have fought some fights are realizing “HEY… the fight is not as scary as they first thought.”

Fellow servant warriors, what we need to realize is that “fear is the mind killer.” And if we allow the fear to take hold, we will never step a foot out for the Lord. We will always allow our fear of the fight dictate what we do. And for the past 25 years, that has equated to cowardliness, spinelessness, complacency as well as giving aid to the enemy – the children of Satan.

We fear because we have not prepared or trained for the fight.

What we fear is the unknown of the fight, and it is that unknown that is causing us to either freeze or flee. These are two very natural responses when our brain has not been properly prepared to react to the enemy.

But, if we have trained our mind, body and soul for the fight, our brains know what to do and will do it almost automatically.


This is one of the main reasons why I believe God is pulling us back to the US, to help teach and train the servant warriors.

When I finally submitted to God about this decision, he reminded me of scripture as a confirmation.

Isaiah 6:8-13 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

9 And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.

10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

11 Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate,

12 And the LORD have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.

13 But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof.

This is why we believe that God is pulling us back to the states. He has given us other confirmations as well as making things uncomfortable.

As An Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest

Here is what I mean….

Deuteronomy 32:9-12  “For the Lord’s portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance. He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye. As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: so the Lord alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him”

These few verses may seem to say very little and may even seem insignificant, but when we look at what actually happens between a mother eagle and her young, we are given an insightful picture of God and how He deals with us, His erring children.

awake-o-sleeperSee, an eagle will build a nest on top of a tall tree or on a cliff where predators would have difficulty reaching the young. The nest itself may be as tall as five feet and over three feet wide. When the young are at the age where the mother eagle feels it time for them to leave the nest, she will coax them to the top of the nest and urge them to fly. If they will not be coaxed to leave the nest, she will begin to take the nest apart, stick by stick. Over time, she will totally destroy the nest, if necessary, so the young eagle(s) will have to leave their former home.

When the mother eagle does succeed in getting the young eagle to the top of the nest, she now nudges it off the nest into the open air. Keep in mind where the nest is? The eaglet has only two choices: fly or fall.

Mother will fly just above Junior and if Junior can not fly, mom will sweep down and catch him on her back and take him back to the nest. After a little while, mom will again attempt to get Junior to fly. She will do the same thing, taking apart more of the nest and nudging Junior out into the sky again and again, day after day, until one day, off he goes into the horizon.

God did this to us when we left the US. He made it abundantly clear we were to leave the US.

Well now, He is breaking up our nest here and making it abundantly clear that we are to go back to the US.

This is why I say this is a total God thing, just look at what we are leaving.

That is why I feel so strongly about getting back and start working with people, pastors and churches. We need to start training the mind, body, and soul to get into the fight so that we no longer fear the fight. We need to start taking back the high ground.

armor_of_godGod is giving us a chance, a reprieve of sorts. We can not waste this chance and we must do all that we can.

What we need to remember is that we are NOT going back, we are moving forward.

We will never return to the greatness we once were as a nation, but we have the chance to be great again if we as Christians get out there, get involved, boldly stand up for what is right in the eyes of God and Start Pushing Back.

The opportunity is there, we need to grab on with both hands and trust in the Lord.

This is what Tracye and I are doing. If we can, so can you.


Gano Update – New Video

We have been getting a lot of emails from folks concerned about us and wondering what is going on, why we are moving back.

Well there are a number of reasons, but primarily we believe that God is pulling us back to the US. I am not totally sure why, but I have my ideas. Basically, to get back in the fight and “Start Pushing Back.”

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Keeping Us In Prayer

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We really need to find a buyer for our house. So please pray that God send us a buyer quickly and that we can hurry up and get back to the states.

There are a lot of things going on and at times one wonders what went wrong. Well, read the rest of my article that talks about how mother eagles tear up the nest.

Pray that God works out all the details and covers all our needs.

Thank you for being there for us.

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Here is my video going into more detail as to why we are coming back.


That is about all for right now. Thank you for being there for us, keeping us in prayer and helping us spread the word about our house for sale.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano
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