Barack Obama Dressed As Baphomet?

The photo at the top of this article is causing a huge stir all over the Internet right now.

Did Barack Obama really dress up as Baphomet?

A disturbing image of former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan has emerged online.

The image first appeared when it was uploaded to Instagram by an artist named Annemarie Hope who is known for illustrations of Satanic churches.

For many, the immediate reaction will be that this photo was altered.

But that does not appear to be the case

To check if the image has been digitally altered from another photo, the first thing to do is is do a reverse image search to see if the original image appeared online or if there ever was an original image. After uploading the image to Google image search and Tinyeye, the photo pulls zero results from either service, meaning, if it was altered from another image, then the original image has never been uploaded to the internet, which seems unlikely.

But even if this photo is real, we may never know when it was taken or why Barack Obama dressed in such a manner.

So in the end, this photo probably raises far more questions than it does answers.