Brother Heath: “In My Vision, I Saw Trump Impeached But What Happened Next Was More Horrifying”

The Democrats appear to be extremely serious about trying to impeach Donald Trump, and many are warning that if he is removed from office that it could unleash chaos all across America.  While he was down in Brazil recently, Brother Heath had a vision in which he saw Trump comparing the impeachment effort to a “coup”, and that was literally fulfilled within the past couple of days.  In addition, Brother Heath saw a coming stock market crash, great civil unrest, and eventually a major war.

This vision appears to contain a lot of symbolism, and if you have any thoughts about how these symbols should be interpreted please feel free to leave a comment below.  Other portions of the vision appear to be quite literal, and what he witnessed is quite sobering.

Here is the account of this vision that Brother Heath posted on September 29th on Facebook

Heads up, the following is quite dark and gloomy and foreboding… Children and those with weak and fragile minds, look away before its too late…

Here is a vision I had while in Brazil. I do not say “Thus says the Lord” or that I am even convinced myself it will happen like this. I only know that it is very inline with a series of previous “open visions” and dreams I honestly believe I received from God back in the late 90’s. It also is inline with Dimitri Dudeman’s, Henry Gruver’s visions and so many others who say God has warned them that America was going to suddenly fall and be destroyed because of the unrepentant wickedness.

The Vision

First I saw a thinly threaded and fraid noose put around the neck of President Donald Trump who responded with one of his rolled eyes smirk expressions. He then made a sarcastic laugh and then frowned and shouted “This is not an impeachment! This is a coup d’état!”

After Trump said this, I saw Wallstreet executives horrified and one of them was crying and texting on his cell phone. He texted, “It’s worse than 08. Its worse than 1929!

I then saw large mobs of people smashing their way into banks that were closed and blockaded.

I saw people panicking in the streets.

After this I saw large crowds of protesters clashing in violence and bloodshed. A fire from a huge street brawl in Washington DC suddenly exploded and the flames were propelled in every direction across the nation. Raging fires, anarchy and violence could be seen from coast to coast. I then saw a news broadcast with the blurry but readable headline “Martial Law” and then the words “Civil Unrest” but as I focused on the title more closely it morphed into the words “Civil War”.

Then I saw a man riding on a drone that resembled a horse who seemed like some sort of Paul Revere and he was warning people as he went through the streets. He was shouting, “They are coming for your guns. They have a list and they know who you are…”

Then I saw the actor Charlton Heston smiling on a television commercial saying “To save America you must turn in all your guns. It’s the right thing to do… If you resist, then we will be forced to pry them from your cold, dead hands.”

I saw Washington DC in chaos. It looked like a war zone as I saw politicians, Democrats and Republicans fighting each other to the very death.

Then all of a sudden, I saw President Trump being blindfolded and handcuffed and someone said “This is for your own protection, Mr. President.” He was then moved to a secret military type facility. Afterwards, they took off President Trump’s blindfold and after looking around for a minute he said, “What is this place a prison or a bunker?” Someone I could not recognize then answered, “What’s the difference… and why does it matter, now that World War Three is….”

I couldn’t understand the last of his sentence because I heard the sound of an old radio blaring out white noise and frequency bursts. I saw the radio and started fidgeting with the tuning knob until I heard people chattering. I immediately heard what sounded like Chinese and Russian chatter but then someone was translating afterwards. It seemed like a conversation between military leaders in high command. The translator said, “The Americans are currently in the beginning of an all out civil war. Their leaders are fallen, in turmoil and there is great confusion in their military. No one knows whose in charge right now. No one can authorize the nuclear codes. This is the best time to mobilize our sleeper cells and launch a surprise attack, a pre-emptive strike and an invasion! We’ve got the best opportunity to take the Americans out in one grand sweep! It’s time!”

I then saw bombs beginning to drop with large American cities on fire. I saw America’s fragile power grid attacked and brought down. I saw major cities in pitch black darkness. I saw fleets of American ships and fighter planes completely obliterated. I saw Chinese and Russian troops in clockwork droves invading by air, by land and by sea. I saw predator drones large and small being used to destroy crowds of people who had gathered hoping to be saved… but when the drones began shooting, the crowd would try to disperse but most were killed before they could escape.

During the invasion, I saw utter chaos and unbelievable horror all across America’s streets. Anarchy and bloodshed, hunger and starvation, people killing people over dwindling food resources. Neighbor was against neighbor, brother against brother, children against their parents, betrayal and horrific atrocities perpetrated over food and water supplies. Mobs of people grouped together ransacking, pillaging and murdering the confused and battered population. It seemed everyone was desperate, without natural affection or compassion. The stronger survivalists preyed on the weak, treating others like zombies and would kill them, along with their children and even babies without batting an eye. Foreign soldiers took part in the terror. The atrocities were worse than any Hollywood apocalyptic portayal with some lawless ones even resorting to cannabalism, like wolves, eating from dead corpses.

The foreign invaders also had no mercy on the population. They contributed to the chaos with their own style of wholesale torture and slaughter. I saw churches filled with families praying inside, set on fire and the people burned alive. Many buildings were burned with those hiding in them. I saw rotting corpses everywhere. I saw America completely destroyed. I saw the Statue of Liberty toppled and then I heard these words, “Babylon, the great has fallen! Her judgement has come in one hour! She has fallen never to rise up again!”

Then the vision I had, ended.

Yes, its very bleak. Hopefully, its just my primative cerebrial cortex projecting the worst nightmare scenario in some sort of attempt to connect the dots of both what I see currently taking shape on a global perspective and trying to reconcile that to the end of days dark prophesies of the Bible. Perhaps everything will eventually revert back to my childhood naivity of unicorns, rainbows and butterflies.

Yea, lets lovingly stroke our normacy bias and reinsert our heads back in the sand. The mac truck barrelling towards us is just a figment of our paranoid imagination. Just think happy thoughts and all will be well with the global red flags all around us.
The truth is, none of us, including myself wants to put any stock in a future that appears this horrific and nightmarish. We see glimpses of the fragile social constructs around us but because we would rather be happy and blissfully ignorant, we poo poo any news or information that might be alarming. We can’t endure the foolhardy idea that we may in fact be in the end times and the dark days prophesied in the Bible. Surely that’s generations away and WW3 and the end of a plush life as we now know it is the talk of tin-foil wearing conspiracy nuts and doomsday preppers.

Yet pushing those thoughts out of our mind doesn’t mean we are exempt from reality hitting us squarely in the face.

“If I don’t think about it, it won’t happen” is the common deception. The difference between them and someone who has seriously had the wisdom to look ahead of the curve is that one is somewhat planned, prepared and proactive when tragic reality strikes while the other is panicked and dysfuntional. One may survive the night, the other will most likely not even survive the day.

Don’t take my word for it… but I would take the Word of a prophet who has never been proven wrong… Jesus told us there would be days like this… days of real darkness and a world in complete turmoil and collapse. As a matter of fact, Jesus made such dire predictions concerning the last days that He said their would be a mass extinction holocaust event or events so horrific that “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (no survivors!): but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22 Wow, did Jesus really prophesy that billions of people would die in some last day global meltdown of war, anarchy and starvation scenario? Should we take Jesus’s words serious?

Yes, I can somewhat understand why unbelievers will downplay and ridicule this very bleak end of the world scenario. They have no hope outside of this world and they live only for their temporary, mortal flesh. An end of the world prospect strikes fear in those who belong to this world. But if you are a genuine Christian believer, you must not take any comfort in this dying, collapsing world and its corrupt systems. You must believe that Jesus warned us of these dark times upon us so that we could know His transcending power to deliver us and take us through the fire until He returns to restore all things. An end of the world prospect only strengthens our faith in an eternal God who has promised us eternal life in the paradise of God to come.

So whether or not this vision I had plays out exactly or in some other form, I don’t have any fear, knowing that Jesus already told us these things would happen. Perhaps it’s wisdom to be somewhat of a “physical prepper” but what I know to be totally foolish is to not be a “spiritual prepper” by getting to know God and staying close to His Holy Spirit.

Here’s one way to know if you are spiritually prepared-

If the end of the world concept strikes fear in you, its because the love this world is still in you… but if the end of world gives you faith and hope because you have utter contempt for things of this world, then I would dare say you are already a citizen of the “age to come” with King Jesus reigning and ruling all of eternity. Yes we are to mourn now, to fast and pray for the wicked world and the judgement certain to come. Pray that God may save many in this day.

Again, I don’t say “Thus saith the Lord” because I am not sure this vision was from the Lord entirely or just a compilation of imagery that randomly popped into my head. But I do know for sure that very perilous times like said vision is upon us. We will see a global meltdown and the end of the world as we now know it.

So, I end this dire word, with Jesus’s own words of comfort- “I have spoken these things to you beforehand, that you might have peace in me (and not in this world). In this world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

~ Bro Heath