1 thought on “Catastrophic flooding hits western Germany leaving dozens dead”

  1. Yes, this is what happens while German Chancellor Angela Merkel is saying fake farewells to cloned Joe Biden, before escaping on Orion. Earth has a risk of explosion, but Russian President Putin is benevolent and twilight and positively contributing to establishing peace. Merkel is executive of the Great Reset from Rockefeller’s EU. Rockefeller is a clone for “Nokodemion”, Peter Vincent Pry. The second clone of Peter Pry is George Soros.

    The clones are from the Orion Grays who controlled the financial and religious hegemony, with worst income inequality. The richest trillionaires are clones, who made their wealth on the biggest lies as “fossil fuels” for Plejaren’s lubricant and currencies speculation.


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