Chaplain: ‘I Could No Longer Open the Bible, Talk About the Bible, Talk About God or Pray’

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Troy Schmidt’s jaw dropped.

A few minutes before, he had been preparing to start his seventh year as chaplain for the Olympia High School football team in Florida. But now, those plans had been changed—radically changed.

“I received a call from the coach,” Schmidt told me. “He said Orange County Public Schools is no longer allowed to have chaplains as a part of the football program.”

Schmidt, who is a campus pastor of the First Baptist Church of Windermere, Florida, listened as the football coach explained the district’s decision to cleanse Christianity from its ranks.

“I could no longer open the Bible, talk about the Bible, talk about God or pray with the team in any capacity,” he told me. “It was heart-breaking.”

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1 thought on “Chaplain: ‘I Could No Longer Open the Bible, Talk About the Bible, Talk About God or Pray’”

  1. Obama’s DOJ Sues Minnesota City for Rejecting Islamic Center.
    Seems to be a case of discrimination against Christians vs. other religions in the DOJ.
    What is it all about? Well, they are so interested in discriminatory FREE SPEECH that the law ends up contradicting itself wholesale.
    I think they belong to a program to employ lawyers so they do not starve.
    Many people have run into big money running with this philosophy of no religion is good religion. Mostly paid for at public expense.
    So Islam gets one set of rules. And Christianity gets another set of rules to go by?
    If a law is proven to be discriminatory it is deemed unconstitutional and thrown off the books by the same court system.

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