China And Russia’s Nuclear Submarines Capable Of Striking American Bases, Says U.S. Navy

Russian Submarine - Public Domain

China and Russia’s nuclear submarine capabilities have been increasing rapidly in recent years and the U.S. Navy is already assessing how it will change its strategy based upon recent advancements in technology. A U.S. Navy Admiral is also warning that both the Chinese and Russian navy are becoming capable of striking American bases.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Russian military successfully tested a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched from the Russian nuclear submarine the Vladimir Monomakh. The test nuclear missile flew from the White Sea near Russia’s border with Finland and hit its target nearly 3,500 miles away on the Kamchatka peninsula north of Japan. This was considered significant since the Bulava ICBM has suffered repeated glitches in the past which lead to launch failures. Vladimir Putin also discussed a 2016-2025 Russian nuclear weapons modernization program focused on creating a “guaranteed nuclear deterrent.”

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1 thought on “China And Russia’s Nuclear Submarines Capable Of Striking American Bases, Says U.S. Navy”

  1. I am convinced that Nuclear Weapons are likely to blow up in the possessor’s hands.
    We are talking about 70-year-old weapons. Someone, somewhere has figured out how to change the critical mass necessary for a chain-reaction of a nuclear bomb.
    It was bound to happen.
    The bombs themselves are dirty. That means that even if you win you lose. Radioactive fallout from such weapons will make the planet uninhabitable as radioactive clouds cover the Earth and the prevailing winds shift that where ever clouds rain down upon the Earth.
    So in the end, what has to happen is those weapons have to be destroyed before some nut case actually tries to use them. That means even dishonest politicians no matter where they are at.
    What would make more sense would be conventional weapons capable of taking out armies at ground level. Clean weapons without fallout. Preferably weapons that are not too expensive to mass produce.
    The navy is 50 or 60 years behind the times.

    The time of multi-million dollar, billion dollar air craft carriers is long past time to be replaced with something else.
    What killed the USSR was logistically cheap weapons going after multi dollar weapons. IF a helicopter that costs a million can be downed with a 1,000 dollar missile then it doesn’t work.
    It is only a matter of time before the huge expensive weapons are gone and no one has the money to replace them before they are over run.
    But don’t let me stop them. If they want to produce expensive war toys then let them.
    Provided we produce cheap replaceable weapons that can destroy those expensive war toys.
    We are dealing with a stalemate. And repairing and maintaining expensive dirty weapons that no one wins with is a problem that will send them back into some kind of bankruptcy.
    What would make more sense would be to have everyone keep to a lot less expensive equipment that produces the same result.

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