CIA Admits to Hacking Senate Computers

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The Central Intelligence Agency improperly and covertly hacked into computers used by Senate staffers to investigate the spy agency’s Bush-era interrogation practices, according to an internal investigation.

CIA Director John Brennan has determined that employees “acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding” brokered between the CIA and its Senate overseers, according to agency spokesman Dean Boyd.

The stunning admission follows a scathing, 40-minute speech by Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein on the Senate floor back in March, in which she accused the CIA of secretly accessing her panel’s computers that were used to review documents related to the government’s torture, detention, and rendition policies deployed during George W. Bush’s presidency. The powerful California Democrat lacerated the CIA for attempting to impede her panel’s investigation and charged the agency with possibly violating the Constitution.

At the time, Brennan denied Feinstein’s accusations, telling NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell, “As far as the allegations of the CIA hacking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth.… That’s beyond the scope of reason.”

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1 thought on “CIA Admits to Hacking Senate Computers”

  1. What exactly do you expect?
    This same agency has been successful in killing a President and potential President, possibly linked to Martin Luther King’s demise, and many other actions abroad. And that is over 50 years ago.
    The Mafia probably has a cleaner record in history than this organization.
    Show me the controls this out-of-control agency has? Not sure even a President can bring this agency to task.
    Fairly certain they brought NIxon down with Watergate.
    Yet here we stand. They are still in business as usual.
    The only question in my mind is what is next?
    When Michael in the Godfather books was talking to his girlfriend, this very point was brought up that the Mafia was no different than the secret agencies of the U.S. Government. They both act illegally and they both kill people.
    When a government controls by lies and secrecy, it is only a matter of time before the Bell tolls for all of us. I suggest we do away with all of the so-called secret agencies and the major bureaucracies within our government. Force the politicians to tell the truth about everything they do.
    The main reason the IRS and the EPA exist is political power.
    Both agencies have shown what they are made of with discoveries of political corruption.
    Back from fantasy land, I suggest 50 years after the fact, someone may actually expose the truth to the public domain only because it has become totally useless information.
    My suggestion is we need new ways of doing things. Dismantling the IRS, the EPA, and the CIA and all the other letter agencies might even keep us from financial ruin in the near future. The budget for said agencies has to be huge.
    I suggest also that terrorism within the United States might be a power play to keep these agencies intact. Especially if they are successful in killing many Americans while these agencies look the other way. To me, that is behavior we should not tolerate. It is treason.

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