Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old, Walks Away Without Helping

Police Brutality

On June 19th, an accidental shooting involving a police officer was reported in Whitehall, Ohio. The officer was responding to an unrelated case, when a girl rushed over to him from a house down the street. Her sister Ava had been badly injured by a broken piece of glass, and was hoping the officer could help her. He decided to investigate the situation before calling an ambulance. Once inside, the family dog apparently charged at him, causing him to open fire on the dog. But instead of hitting the animal, he accidentally struck Ava in the leg (She’s currently in stable condition, and is recovering from her injuries).

As bad as that sounds, the family has revealed their side of the story, and it’s far worse than the one reported last month. They claim that the dog did not charge the officer at all, and that after shooting their daughter, he didn’t offer any kind of medical assistance. In fact, they claim he never said anything at all. He simply walked away from the scene.

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1 thought on “Cop Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old, Walks Away Without Helping”

  1. What one person in uniform does effects every person that is in uniform.
    So now every policeman out there is judged by the actions of this one policeman.
    That is the “karma” of having one bad cop out there wearing a police uniform.
    The only action you can take is to file a charge of assault against the officer involved.
    As a felon, he is no longer eligible to be a police officer.
    That means he is basically fired with cause from the job.
    This is a sickness in our police forces. The days of the fictional Andy Griffin are over with. Mayberry was always a fictional character study.
    When the policeman on the street becomes the enemy it is time to hang it up.
    What I see happening here is the fault of the law as it is practiced in this country.
    It is about lawyers and money. Because unless you take a hostile position and hire a lawyer to defend you the police are like wolves at the door. Our country originated in rebelling against that entire thing happening with the Bill of Rights that was supposed to contain police from doing gestapo type actions at all.
    Our court system has gone the other direction. So now much of the same bill of rights are no longer acceptable in a court of law?
    This is not just about a single bad incident. It is about an attitude towards the public that places the policeman in a position where that policeman has no support from the public at large.
    In conditions like this, you do not have enough money to have me perform duties as a policeman period.
    What has to happen in every police department in this country is a total revolution in the way police duties are handled.
    That means the entire legal system has to change for that to happen. That is why that bill of rights needs to be reinstated in the courts of this country.
    It is not acceptable behavior to me for a police person to lie to get a confession of any kind out of any body.
    To lie is dishonorable behavior. To me that is conduct unbecoming of a police officer.
    To actively and aggressively attack the public citizen is dishonorable behavior and conduct unbecoming.
    I think the traffic department needs to be separated from the police department.
    This traffic area promotes aggressive behavior and likely is a revenue issue a lot of times.
    When you have a traffic quota this becomes apparent.
    Designing traffic cameras at lights is a revenue issue. When lights by contract are preset so that the yellow goes too fast for a person to either go through the light or stop without jeopardizing himself with a rear ender accident, that is conduct unbecoming of the entire legal system as it is plain and simple theft of the public.
    When warrants are given to search property without probable cause, that also is dishonorable behavior of the legal system.
    When it becomes necessary to arm teams of police to search a property that is a recipe for illegal murder of people defending their property from this illegal behavior under the bill of rights. It also often results in pets being destroyed defending said home.
    All of this makes being a policeman in our society a nasty job. There are no old police people in an environment like that. Every one of them at some point will be placed in a position where they may be shot and killed practicing their profession.
    The real victim here is the professional policeman. He is being victimized by the courts that do not set standards that place him in a position where he is regarded by the public as a friend rather than an enemy. Aggressive gestapo type police tactics places that policeman in jeopardy of his or her life. That bill of rights was designed as much to protect the policeman as it was to protect the public.
    Right now we have the largest prison population on the planet. That is 41,000 plus dollars per year per prisoner. Many of which were put there by dishonorable practices of the courts and the law officers involved.
    IN rape cases alone, we have a huge number of innocent victims of the law that are coming to light with DNA testing. When is it all going to stop? Because the basic behavior of the prosecutors and the law officers will have to change if it does stop.

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