Cop Shoots Child For Standing Next To Another Child Holding A Toy Gun

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A police officer in LA shot a 15-year-old kid who was part of a group of kids playing with a toy gun in an ally, the LA Times reports.

The child who was shot wasn’t even holding the toy, according to the report, and was just in the vicinity.

The police report notes that officers encountered the group and drew their own firearms, ordering the boy to drop the weapon. When he didn’t drop it, one of the officers opened fire, striking the boy closest to him.

The boy was rushed to hospital and released following treatment.

“It’s certainly an unfortunate situation,” said police department spokesman Cmdr. Andrew Smith. “But because of people bringing replica weapons out like that, it certainly could have been a terrible tragedy.”

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1 thought on “Cop Shoots Child For Standing Next To Another Child Holding A Toy Gun”

  1. The nightmare is that could have been a real weapon those officers were facing. That could have meant the bullet that kills an officer and as it was, the kid got off light for being at the right place at the wrong time with the wrong people.
    That the officer involved shot the wrong person is not surprising. I can really see some officers not being competent to shoot a pistol of any kind. If he had been accurate, someone might have been dead. So that might have been intentional to keep someone alive.
    We depend far too much on weapons to resolve problems on the street. If I were a cop on the street(heaven forbid), my pistol would have a laser sight on it. It would be designed so that a gentle touch of the trigger would put the laser on where the bullet would go. Squeeze the trigger and the bullet is sent there. If it is accurate withing 3 inches, that might be enough to scare someone into obeying the policeman on duty.
    No hair triggers involved or needed. Just deadly accurate police special pistols.
    We have a screwed up system. It allows a court 3 weeks or more to determine what that policeman should have done in 10 seconds notice.
    10 seconds is 6.5 seconds more than you often have to determine whether to go through a traffic light or not. Most camera operated lights are by contract at 3.5 seconds between the green and the red. Most people cannot react in that time which makes the entire camera system a fraud.
    We are asking that officer to make life and death decisions in that time.
    I would go to some kind of weapon that freezes the subject rather than kills them. Don’t even begin to know how we can engineer such a weapon. I do know a whole lot of people would be alive today if such a weapon was standard issue. The closest we have to that is the Bobby Stick and I do not know whether most officers even carry one in today’s world. I made hog shockers available to my family when I had to be working at night. We also kept a German Shepherd hyperactive female dog available in a kennel in the backyard at the time. The dog was released with a remote control. I installed copper plated door knobs. The hog shocker went onto the door knob if someone attempted to break in.
    I am against police breaking into anyone’s home unannounced. I am against anyone violating the bill of rights in the performance of their duties. Laws that allow that should be dismissed. Laws that put any policemen in jeopardy of their lives should be dismissed. Breaking into anyone’s home puts the person in the house in jeopardy and the persons breaking in are also in jeopardy of losing their lives.
    This replica of a real gun is one of those things we as a people need to outlaw period. Too many people including children are likely to get killed by putting the policeman in the position of making spot choices where other policemen have already been killed. The job description of a policeman is one of being caught between a bunch of lawyers and the public. That needs to change. It puts all police in jeopardy of their very lives.
    I am also a great believer in Internal Affairs for police departments. I think every policeman should be honorable. When they are not, we need to fire them and restrict them from every working in the police field again.

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