Cop Threatens To Take Man’s Baby To ‘Children’s Services’ Over Refusal To Show ID

Police Brutality

A police officer in Ohio was caught on video threatening to take away a man’s children and place under CPS oversight because he refused to ID himself during a routine traffic stop.

Andre Stockett was stopped by Sandusky police officer Christopher Denny, who said he believed Stockett to be another person, a suspect with outstanding felony warrants.

At first the officer claimed he stopped Stockett and his girlfriend, Kathryn Said, because the license plate number indicated her driver’s license was expired. When she produced a valid license, the cop changed the story, suggesting that the couple were driving without headlights at dusk. Then the officer began referring to Stockett as “Mr Newell”.

“That’s not me… That’s every black man.” Stockett protested, maintaining that he did not have to identify himself because there was no probable cause for detainment.

When Denny ordered Stockett to step out of the car, he refused saying “I fear for my life”.

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1 thought on “Cop Threatens To Take Man’s Baby To ‘Children’s Services’ Over Refusal To Show ID”

  1. The issue here is whether or not this man has the right to not identify himself with proper I.D.
    Children’s Services is a Nazi organization to promote taking children away from their natural parents for any number of infringements. I suggest people everywhere defund them at the next election where the taxes are up for a vote. That is personal opinion based on a number of cases I have seen over the years. That defunding might just happen with people in jeopardy of losing their houses in the current economic environment.
    Basically no one in this country really has any rights. The law is set up to pay lawyers to defend you. So if you are rich, then go right ahead and fight them. For the rest of us, that is not a practical thing to do.
    It is not just one agency. Your county governments are all based on the same kind of bureaucracy and there are probably thousands of little known laws out there. Ohio has one that you have to have your headlights on if it is raining. Ohio is no different than any other state.
    Your congress took away your rights as an individual to even get a lawyer under the national security act and renewed that act recently with over 300 votes for. They actually voted for a law that does away with due process. So if they want they can come and get you and put you away without benefit of a lawyer for an extended length of time, claiming you are a terrorist.
    The real question here is who watches the policeman? Because the evidence is that no one watches the policeman. Rep. Rand Paul was kept off a flight to D.C. in complete violation of the constitution a couple of years ago. There could have been a critical vote and he was delayed by national security agencies.
    That he did not pursue it speaks volumes to me about his ability to fight them. You cannot under present circumstances go against any police whether it is national, state, city or county officials. It is a set up.
    Your only real option is to shut up until a lawyer speaks for you. Answer any question with I wish to invoke my 5th amendment rights and shut up. You are only required to show proper ID and auto insurance at a stop. At all times answer yes, sir or no, sir; show respect for the law and provide no evidence of resistance physically.
    Any response other than invoking the 5th will incriminate you under the tricky laws on the books we have today. Yet you also must show respect for the officer of the law regardless of how that person acts.
    Until we have enough people in this country willing to oust those bureaucrats and their regulations nothing will change.
    If you look at the court rulings, they are in the pocket of the government agencies and routinely appear to rule in their favor.
    It is a close relationship of money, lawyers, judges and bureaus. The average person sees little that resembles justice in a court system set up the way it is. The only hope most people have is to shut up and let a lawyer do the tallking. It is a lawyer’s jurisdiction and the judge will not listen to anyone but a lawyer.
    That is the court system we have set up today. It wasn’t always that way.

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