Donald Trump assembles a team of billionaires as his administration takes shape


On Wednesday, he named billionaire Wilbur Ross, who has made a fortune cobbling together dying companies, as his commerce secretary, and Todd Ricketts, part of the billionaire family that owns the Chicago Cubs, as deputy commerce secretary.

Another billionaire, Betsy DeVos, is his pick for education secretary. By comparison, the vast wealth of millionaires Steven Mnuchin, the ex-banker tapped for Treasury secretary, and Mitt Romney, whom Trump is considering for secretary of state, looks almost paltry.

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7 thoughts on “Donald Trump assembles a team of billionaires as his administration takes shape”

  1. Believe it or not, this is good news. How so? Because these are people who made their millions already, and are working for the GOOD of the country rather than to line their pockets along the lines of the Clintons, Harry Reid, Pelosi, and pretty much any other politician you can think of.

  2. I like the idea that Donald Trump is leading with individuals that lead companies here in the US. These people either inherited their wealth or they made that wealthy themselves in their life. That means to me they might come up with practical solutions to all the problems we now face as a nation.
    I think a stronger middle class America with a more practical approach to taxation will do wonders to bring a lot of people back financially.
    There is going to be change. That is either going to be very good or very bad for the American People as a whole. I hope it leads to a much firmer foundation economically for this country.
    Those Billionaires are probably the most powerful financial people this country has.
    Getting them to lead the fight to bring this country back to wealthy makes sense.

  3. He strong armed Carrier into staying… You now have the tyrant you voted for…

    Always be a light that is shininginthedark

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