Why are Earth’s continents suddenly moving? Thick ‘crusts’ and minerals are behind mystery changes, claims study

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Scientists claim they have answered one of the biggest questions in geology; why do tectonic plates beneath the Earth’s surface sometimes move abruptly?

In a new study, US geologists believe the answer comes down to a combination of the thick crusts and weakened mineral grains.

Those effects acting together, they say, could explain a range of relatively ‘speedy’ moves among tectonic plates around the world, from Hawaii to East Timor.

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1 thought on “Why are Earth’s continents suddenly moving? Thick ‘crusts’ and minerals are behind mystery changes, claims study”

  1. There is a mystery here not really explained anywhere.
    Our scientists have sent explorer rockets all over the Solar System. What they have found is the Earth has one of the thinnest crusts of any planet we know about. We have a moon that is almost 1/3rd the size of the Earth right next door. No other planet in the Solar System has a moon that large in relationship to the size of the planet.
    It goes even further. The water on the moon matches the water on the Earth. The water in other areas of the solar system does not.
    Water basically has a fingerprint. I do not completely understand that but it is true.
    We should not have the amount of water that we do this close to the Sun. Yet we do. Scientists are all trying to come up with some explanation that makes sense as to how we are an ocean planet. IT should have evaporated off into space by now.
    The only explanation that makes sense is we were not always in this orbit around the Sun. We are possibly the remnant of a larger planet that was destroyed. This planet orbited somewhere between where Mars is and where the asteroid belt is. If the ice on the asteroids in the belt have the same fingerprint as ours, then that is the most likely explanation.
    We may not have been quite so far from the Sun as we are now. There is a possibility that the Earth was at 90 million miles from the Sun and had a 360 day year in our recent past. Say about 10,000 years ago or so. Different peoples throughout the Earth have ancient calendars. They do not have the same amount of days as we do. These same people were precise measurers.
    The orbital angle might have been different as well. We have a 23 degree tilt on the axis the Earth rotates on. That is why we have winters and summers instead of a steady climate.
    The thin crust also brings with it a lot of volcanic activity. Those volcanoes throw Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. People do not realise just how unstable the Earth beneath our feet can be. Mount St. Helen was a good example of this. People were warned to escape and they didn’t listen.
    The temperature of the Earth is another thing entirely. Go down 12 feet, like in a typical basement, and the temperature is a steady 52 degrees Fahrenheit. It progresses upwards the further down that we go. This is the temperature of the planet. Our entire weather system is based on temperatures given us from the Sun and from the temperature of the Earth. It is a balanced system of weather.
    Engineers are designing heating systems based on this even temperature. They can send water down into the Earth in pipes and heat a home with it. It is expensive to do. But radiated heat from the Earth itself is possible.
    We have not always been this cold. There are signs of settlement as far South as Antarctica. No one knows who they were.
    We do know that forests existed at one time along the coasts of Antarctica. There are the remnants of a temple buried under a lake down there.
    The Earth appears to be a volatile place. Entire Civilizations in the past might have been destroyed over night by geological changes.
    If mankind is as old as science thinks it is, then a lot could have happened in the last 200,000 years.
    There is a line of mountains in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that is almost entirely under water. Those mountains extend almost pole to pole. If the water table was 60-100 feet lower in the oceans those mountains could have been above water. They may have had people on them. Who were they?
    The Mediterranean Sea appears to have been much lower at one time. I have often thought the straits of Gilbraltar could have been a solid land mass keeping the Atlantic out. Then suddenly something happens and the entire area is flooded with ocean.

    We are now going to find out a lot of the buried things of the past. The problem is it doesn’t really fit into a neat little picture. Just like our ancestors had to contend with amazing new information about everything. You can suppress it or you can open your minds and see it for what it is. Our view on reality is changing.

    We have come a long way from when everyone thought the Earth was a flat surface that you could fall off of. When it was believed the Sun rotated around the Earth. But given the attitude of certain people and places, none of this will ever change.
    Those are the people that will get killed in the coming changes.

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