EBOLA CAMPS? Fox Analyst Calls For Quarantine Camps In Every City


Fox News, always ahead of the curve on panicking the general public into giving up all their rights, aired programming Monday during which an analyst openly called for quarantine camps to be set up all over the country to house those with Ebola like symptoms.

Fox contributor and former actress Stacey Dash called for the federal government to establish emergency centers to hold Americans in isolation, despite the fact that there have only been two confirmed cases of the ebola virus in the US.

“I think they should set up special centers for just Ebola in each state,” Dash said. “They shouldn’t be letting people go into regular hospitals, where it could be spread.”

“I just think that for this specific disease, we should have a special facility with specially trained people,” Dash added. “In each city. That way it’s not spread, and when the person walks in, they know what they’re looking for, they know if they find it, they know how to contain it. And they know how not to infect themselves.”

The controversial proposal comes in the wake of a string of calamitous errors in the handling of the Eric Duncan case, and disturbing revelations that US hospitals are woefully unprepared to deal with potential Ebola cases.

In Duncan’s case, up to 70 staffers at Texas Presbyterian Hospital were involved in caring for him, with one nurse now becoming the first person to be infected within the US.

In the same Fox News program, Comedian Paul Mecurio, who was also on the panel for some reason, supported Dash’s call for Ebola camps, stating “There’s a really bad health protocol throughout the United States right now, it’s called going to the hospital.”

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1 thought on “EBOLA CAMPS? Fox Analyst Calls For Quarantine Camps In Every City”

  1. We need to contain the disease (virus).
    The question in my mind is a hospital the right place to do it?
    A lot depends on how many patients with Ebola there are out there in the real world.
    If we have a few cases, then ship them to a facility capable of isolating the disease as well as try to cure it.
    If it becomes an epidemic of cases, hospitals are ill-equipped to handle this kind of virus.
    Again we need facilities that will isolate the disease. That may not be a hospital environment.
    I suggest cheap mobile homes as a way to keep it contained. But again we are looking at cold hard facts here and that means a lot of Ebola Patients written off as walking dead people as the disease progresses to a fatal stage.
    Unless someone comes up with a way of curing them at earlier stages of the disease.
    The plasma idea from a patient’s immune system that has beat it sounds good.
    But that is a short cut. What we need basically is something that will work on everyone, not something that only works on people with the right blood type.
    Doctors out there are suggesting attacking it with vitamins. Vitamin D3 and C complex vitamins have some success according to people in the supplement field of medicine.
    The trouble is antibiotics do not work against viruses. At least that is what these doctors say.
    In the doctor’s toolbox from the pharmacy industry there appear to be few drugs capable of fighting a virus.
    Most antibiotics are set up to fight bacterial infections.
    Last year in New Zealand, a person was practically on their death bed and the doctor was not willing to try the vitamin therapy on a flu case.
    The family had to go to court to get them to inject the patient with vitamins in the hope it would work. It did. I leave the details to people a lot smarter than I am. But there is a track record of vitamins working against viruses.
    You pay a doctor to know those things. Doctors are educated by the drug industry on the newest and greatest drugs to fight disease.
    There is very little money in vitamin therapy. So it is not big on the agenda of the drug industry to educate doctors in this method. I suggest they can make money at this by having patents on vitamin and drug cocktails specifically designed to fight viruses on a multiple level. This would allow them to make a profit.
    The other part of this disease is its effect on the economy.
    That effect can cause our stock markets to crash.
    The Securities Exchange might have to do something about that.
    That would mean a bank holiday while the markets adjust. Do not know if that would even work.
    We are dealing with a multiple problem because people cannot make a living while this thing is raging. So the entire economy could go bankrupt at the same time as wage earners cannot make a living.
    I suggest that the internet is going to be critical in doing business out there if people cannot go to the stores.
    But that is all assuming that this will go into a full raging epidemic of death. It might stop right now if the people in charge simply shut it down before it can go any further. That is easier said than done.

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