Electoral College Vote: Video Shows Electors Freaking Out and Having Complete Meltdowns After Trump Wins


Apparently some people really believed it and thought there was going to be an upset with the Electoral College vote today, an outcome which has never happened before in the history of the nation. This clip below, which aired on MSNBC, shows electors booing and freaking out and one woman begins screaming about how “This is not America!” after Donald Trump is announced (once again) the winner.

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1 thought on “Electoral College Vote: Video Shows Electors Freaking Out and Having Complete Meltdowns After Trump Wins”

  1. We have rules. Under those rules, the winner is declared.
    The electoral college is a compromise made so that the concentrated population of the east would not have an advantage over the lesser populated states in the west.
    For most of this country’s history that has worked out just fine.
    There is a time and a place for everything.
    What the democrats are doing now is guaranteeing them a bad image before the public for the next 4 to 6 years.
    Obama is right about one thing. After all is said and done, the Democrat Party is going to need to rebuild itself over the next 10 years or so.
    You do not rebuild a party with threats.
    You do not rebuild a party with attempted intimidation.
    The way to rebuild the party is to reconstruct the image that they had before all this happened.
    They have lost and betrayed the American Public big time. First with Bill Clinton signing the trade agreement into being. That lost a lot of jobs.
    Come on, you are supposed to be the working man’s party.
    Hasn’t been the worker’s party for quite some time. And that is your base. Without it you are nothing.
    The belief that you can bully and intimidate people in a modern world is simply false.
    More than likely, that is what lost the election.
    The only way to win is to persuade people of their own free will to vote for you.

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