Europe Is Crumbling Into Collapse


The intention was always to make the EU a tide to lift all boats, or even, in the wildest dreams, a boat to lift all tides. That intention has failed in dramatic fashion. But not one single one of the architects and present day leaders is ready to fess up to their failures.

Almost 15 years after the euro was introduced, the battlefields are littered with dead and wounded bodies. And the only answer that comes from Brussels is to strengthen the – financial and political – army. The only answer that comes from Brussels is that Europe, including Italy, Greece, Spain, needs more Brussels, more centralized control.

And Napoli is not the only place that can lay claim to the title “periphery of the eurozone’s periphery”. Spain and Greece have unemployment numbers just like Napoli, only for them it’s in their entire countries. All have had youth unemployment at well over 50% for years now, a sort of real life version of throwing your babies away with the bathwater. And all have regions and cities where things are much worse still.

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  1. Europe has made the great mistake of going into socialism big time.
    It is the same mistake our legislators here are trying to put us through with great success as we look at those on the public dole.
    They were able to take this path by asking and getting foreign aid from us.
    At the end of World War II, Europe was in ruins. Foreign Aid to rebuild made sense to us.
    That was then. This is now. They are dependent on our money to survive in a system of socialism that really does not make a whole lot of economic sense.
    I know very little about Europe. I do know a little about another country forced into socialism at the end of world war II. That country is England. And they have gone from one economic disaster to another since world war II. I suggest another one is in sight.
    Yet sitting on the mouth of the Thames in 2007, there were a multitude of ships traveling up the river to London and ports south. So that tells a different tale.
    I forgot when I came to bring a usb printer cord with the new printer I brought my brother. I went to Southend-on-sea, Essex, England to buy a cord. They wanted about 7 pound(roughly $2 a pound) at the time. I was speechless. That same cord can be had at the Dollar Tree Store here for a $1 if you catch it in stock. Otherwise it costs 3 or 4 dollars here at other bargain outlets.
    Real Estate prices there at the time were terribly inflated compared with my house in the USA. Milk was almost double the price I paid here. Wages were higher also but not enough to match the price of things. I felt like I had gone to Alaska instead of England.
    There is a value-added tax along with all the other taxes in England.
    Everything is regulated by the government, for the government in that country.
    You do have cradle to the grave security. You may never starve in England. You may or may not have medical care depending on who you are and also what the priority is for your health. I suggest we all get what we are willing to pay for. In social medicine, the wallet has little effect on the quality of care. There is no incentive to do better.
    The computer I brought him was about $700. It was a laptop like mine. I got it on sale.
    We reprogrammed it to accept two operating systems. Windows was all ready there and Ubuntu was the second one we put in for internet use. Ubuntu comes with all kinds of free programs like a word processor, excel, and other programs he will never use. I installed the HP Printer while I was there and put him on the internet. He paid for everything. But the point is that he got it all for about half the price it would have cost in England or less. The Ubuntu(linux) installation alone made it a very valuable machine.
    I suggest they do the same thing that is needed here. Get rid of government. Get rid of bureaus. Get rid of intelligence agencies. Mind Your Own Business abroad. Do not keep huge standing armed forces. If a car is obsolete in 5 years, a tank is probably obsolete in 2. I suggest we are in a price game that no one can win.
    In our case, dismantle the entire foreign aid program and spend the money here.
    Government is what bankrupts countries. Social welfare is what bankrupts countries. If you do not work, you do not eat.
    I do suggest a rehabilitation program to find people decent jobs.
    I do suggest we dismantle the foreign trade that has put us heavily in debt to China.
    I do suggest we float people until we get them re-employed here. If you go for a certain amount of time without a job, you need vocational education to get you into something that will pay you a living wage.
    Not everyone fits into a neat category. There are people out there that are unemployable for a number of different reasons. We need to take a close look at those people to find what we can do for them.
    I also suggest we make it unprofitable for our corporations to abandon our shores and leave all those tax payers without jobs.
    But that means looking out for our citizens first. The present crowd has been bought off by the corporations and are far more interested in their own welfare to the detriment of ours.
    Britain does have good scholarship programs that includes a living wage to develop jobs for their youth. Far better than the trap we are in here. But at what cost are those programs to the British tax payer? I suggest also you will find all of the “PIGS ” and more are at the social welfare line in all of these countries going broke.
    Socialism does not work economically and never has. It has to be floated by a huge tax system that smothers most average people.

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