Everything Changes On March 1

Donald Trump - Photo by Michael Vadon

Super Tuesday and the March primaries have the potential to decide who becomes the nominee from each party.

But how much weight do these states really carry? What could it really mean for the presidential candidates on both aisles, and their future path to the White House? Do candidates like former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Ohio Gov. John Kasich stand a chance in rising above top Republican candidates Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and front-runner real estate mogul Donald Trump?

And could Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders exceed expectations and take more states than Hillary Clinton?

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4 thoughts on “Everything Changes On March 1”

  1. Too little, too late. That describes the entire Republican Party right now.
    So they have a better than 50% chance that Donald Trump may be their candidate for President.
    IF they do not make the mistake of playing dirty. Which means that no matter how popular Donald Trump is, there is no chance of him becoming President under the current rules the Republican Party heads want to put in place.
    Which means they might end up dissolving the party. Attempting to run their candidate as an independent.
    The outrage that playing dirty at this stage of the game might bring about could possibly destroy the Republican Party. But I think those in charge are aware of that likely possibility.
    The only chance they have is to pick Donald’s Vice President. In which case they have their foot in the door when and if he wins the election.
    All of which depends on whether or not he wins tonight or not.
    Running a dark horse from the sidelines is not a good way to go(meaning Romney).
    The people in charge of the party in D.C.? Listen up. If he wins tonight, that is reality. Deal with it.

  2. Drudge is saying that voter fraud is apparent in Texas as people vote for one candidate and the computer pops up they voted for another.
    What good are elections if people are allowed to cheat?
    I suggest that Texas be excused from voting until they get it straightened out.
    IF this voter fraud is confirmed, then we really need to take a hard look at who supposedly won.
    Because if Rubio won by fraud then he needs to be arrested and tried for doing so.
    The exchanged votes are Trump voted for, Rubio registered as the one they voted for.
    Just how far is the established Republican leadership willing to go to make sure one person is not elected period?

  3. The last time I heard about computer fraud in an election it was about 10-12 years ago in Ohio. The person who did it was dead within a few weeks of the election under suspicious circumstances.
    Just saying that who ever was responsible, their life or lives are in danger.

    • He died while traveling to do a deposition pointing out the people responsible since he was an eyewitness to what they did. He never made it. The voter fraud took the form of voting machine tampering to raise Bush’s vote tally.

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