For Mexicans, the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is getting scarier

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If Donald Trump were president, he would have Mexico pay to build a wall along its 2,000-mile border to keep itself out.

He’d block the billions of dollars that Mexicans illegally in the United States send home to their families. And prevent their children born in America from automatically becoming U.S. citizens.

There wouldn’t be many of these children, however, because Trump would be deporting millions of undocumented Mexicans — all of them, if he had his way.

How does that sound, Mexico?

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1 thought on “For Mexicans, the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency is getting scarier”

  1. I think the point is you have all of these illegal people off the books when it comes to paying their own way with Income Tax.
    That makes both the employee and the employer guilty of Income Tax Evasion.
    IF you are off the grid, the worst that is likely to happen is you will be deported back to where you came from.
    The rest of us face fines and possibly jail time for hiring an illegal.
    But what about all those young men that are required to register for Selective Service between 18-26?
    Off the grid means they do not have to go if called because they are not on the list. That is a federal offense for the rest of us.
    The same goes for all the illegal occupations out there whether they are Mexican or not.
    Does anyone have any idea how much money is involved in being off the grid?
    I am simply waiting for the day when the courts have to decide if the IRS laws are legal because they discriminate for and against different groups of people. Mexicans living off the grid do not pay income tax or get drafted.
    IF the laws of this country are not enforced equally then they are basically ruled unconstitutional. Be interesting to see how that is handled.
    Donald Trump is hitting on the weak points.
    No wall in the history of the world has ever held people out for long. The standard offensive trick is to walk around it. In this case they will either tunnel around it or they will start using boats in the Gulf of Mexico at night to get around it.
    What has to happen is we need to cut off the source of jobs given to illegals here with very expensive jail time and fines. The current fines are a joke to the individuals hiring these people off the grid.

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