“GOD Will Use The Least To Do The Most”

Have you ever felt discouraged about your ministry?  Have you ever felt like God is using others so much more than He is using you?  If so, I think that this dream is going to greatly encourage you.  Without a doubt, on our own we can do nothing.  But with God, all things are possible.  Even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that are coming, there is going to be a great move of God, and we are extremely blessed to be living in this generation.  You were born for such a time as this, and even though you may not feel like you have much to offer right now, God is going to raise up ordinary people to do extraordinary things in this hour.

Earlier today, a wonderful brother in the Lord named Ken Samuels shared a very encouraging dream with me on Facebook that he said that I could share with all of you.  I hope that you are as encouraged by this dream as I was…

I do have something I would to share that I have not been able to get out. I had a GOD given dream not long ago. I do not say that lightly. I am not a dreamer. I have only had two dreams in my 62 years of life that I knew 100% came from GOD and this was one. Most of my dreams are from too much pizza or such and have very little rhyme or reason. This one was totally opposite. It was short and clear and to the point. So clear when I awoke suddenly as it ended it was just like I had saw it while awake. Every detail and word was clear. I knew it was a message maybe first to me then those who it was to be given to.

In the dream I was on a long wooden platform outside. On it set 12 chairs and 11 very well known powerful preachers from the past in our circle all over the United States. They had been the movers and shakers of revivals 30-50 years ago and I had seen and heard them all. I was seated in the last 12th seat in that row. Below us seated on the ground was a huge mass of people. All appeared hopeless, broken and defeated. Just a awe full site to look upon. Each preacher from the first chair down begin to stand one after one and speak 5-10 mins each. Their words flowed like water and it seems I had never heard such eloquence. However none of it seem to have any effect on the people. As each preacher stood one after another it was getting closer to me who was seated in the very last 12th seat. I could not think of a scripture, story or illustration. My mind was totally blank. I begin to panic. In desperation I cried Father why did they place me at the very end following all these great men!! HE said, “because they think you are the least.” I agreed with that pretty quick. HE then spoke clear and directly to me. “I want you to stand and tell the people that “GOD WILL USE THE LEAST TO DO THE MOST.” I knew it was all I and the mass of people needed. As I stood to utter just those nine words it seemed liberty, freedom and power broke over that mass of people. I awoke suddenly I never saw anything else but knew it was a message from GOD to whosoever needed and would hear it as a message from the mouth of GOD not man.

“GOD will use the least to do the most.”!!! Whosoever hears that message and it becomes a revelation to them. Arise!!

HIS unworthy servant,

Bro. Ken Samuels