Health Ranger’s vehicle violently rammed by illegal immigrant asleep at the wheel in Texas

Car Accident - Public Domain

Most Americans are aware that the Texas border is being overrun with illegal immigrants, but they don’t have firsthand experience in what it really means for law-abiding citizens. Right now, those who advocate this wave of human migrants are living in a fairytale, denying the very real costs on society in terms of education, health care, welfare, public health and public safety.

One of these points was driven home for me in a very violent way today as I was driving in my vehicle. While lawfully stopped at a red traffic light, I was violently rear-ended at high speed by a Dodge Ram truck. The driver, I soon found out, was a very young illegal immigrant who now worked in construction. The kid, clearly of Latino origin, couldn’t have been older than 17, and he told me he “fell asleep at the wheel.” If my car hadn’t been in the way, it turns out, he would have driven head first — fully asleep — right into a busy intersection and possibly caused multiple fatalities.

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