Horde Of Gang Members Crossing Our Borders And Border Patrol Powerless To Stop It

Illegal Immigration Gang Members

Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up with the increasing number of minors illegally crossing the Mexican border are not turning away persons with known gang affiliations. Chris Cabrera, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley, explained that a Border Patrol agent he represents helped reunite a teenage gang member with his family in the United States. Cabrera notes the young member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), a transnational criminal gang, had no criminal record in the U.S., but asks, “If he’s a confirmed gang member in his own country, why are we letting him in here?”

“I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Cabrera says. “Until we start mandatory detentions, mandatory removals, I don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse.”

Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, says agents who recognize the gang-affiliated tattoos of minors crossing the border must treat them the same as anybody else. He says these people are afforded the same rights provided to anyone crossing the border.

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1 thought on “Horde Of Gang Members Crossing Our Borders And Border Patrol Powerless To Stop It”

  1. The question in my head is this an impeachable offense for the Executive Branch to NOT enforce existing laws when they disagree with those laws? What if a President decided NOT to file an Income Tax Form? (This one files in accordance with the law.)
    We have immigration laws.
    We have a President that apparently does not want to enforce those laws.
    The resulting problem from not enforcing those laws is going to be a huge burden on the welfare system. That probably includes medical benefits as well. Yet we deny medical assistance to an entire group called Veterans.
    You will have a huge group of foreigners running around disobeying our laws with no apparent penalty for doing so.
    Al Capone was convicted in our courts of Income Tax Evasion. Is it discriminatory against Italians or other foreign groups to apply the Income Tax code to one group and not another?
    Yet here we have a group of people that do not even file income tax reports in accordance with the law of the land. They have no valid ID. They have no driver’s licenses for the most part. They are not registered with Social Security. Again in direct violation of our laws.
    The compromise was to deport them instead. Now that compromise no longer applies. Since the Executive Branch has decided arbitrarily to let them stay in our country without green cards and without any ID.
    Without getting into criminal violations of the law such as drug activity, criminal theft, and other crimes, there is a whole civil law that is being violated here as well.
    I repeat my question. Is this grounds for Impeachement?

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