How Asset Forfeiture Allows Cops to Steal from Citizens

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It probably seemed like a bright idea at the time: Let the police seize the ill-gotten gains of alleged drug dealers and other suspected criminals and sell it, using the proceeds to buy much-needed crime-fighting gear.

Unfortunately, the process—civil asset forfeiture—did not require convicting anybody of a crime. In fact, it didn’t even require charging anybody with a crime.

Not surprisingly, this led to rampant abuse, which has been abundantly documented for many years. Various reform efforts, including a 2000 federal law, have been unable to stop what’s become known as policing for profit.

But Virginia lawmaker Mark Cole is going to give it another shot. That’s as good a sign as any that civil asset forfeiture has jumped the shark.

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1 thought on “How Asset Forfeiture Allows Cops to Steal from Citizens”

  1. This denies lawyers a way to make a living. That statement alone is reason to stop the police stealing people’s money on the basis that they “might” be illegal. Due Process is no joke. But it is when police steal people’s cash money.
    One of the problems with stealing people’s money in what amounts to highway robbery is someone, somewhere is going to shoot them dead. Steal THEIR money and simply walk away. Probably steal their credit cards as well and launder them.
    Because not everyone is a sheep. Some people are wolves and they resemble sheep. The most successful hit man of the 50s was a person working through Murder, Inc. or some such name. He was one of the most sought after catering men in town. He often served for weddings. He was a mild mannered person with glasses and a little mustache. On the side, he hit some of the biggest crooks in the business and was not caught.
    Do you know what government and cops fear most? I call it the Rambo syndrome. Because one of these jerks is likely to steal from the wrong veteran and get himself killed in the process. The “Rambo” is well trained in being a murderer by the U.S. Government. They are so scared of this type of person that they often bait them hoping to put them away in jails and insane asylums. There is more than one veteran out there in an insane assylum because government people thought he was too dangerous to let loose to have a civilian life.
    I know of one vet that spent about 30 years in jail because he “threatened” someone while drunk one night.
    Just exactly what is law if it is lawless? If it does not follow the constitutional rights we all supposedly have?
    One justice once made a statement that if the law does not have the appearance of justice . . . but that was a long time ago.
    The people this law was aimed at are laughing. I do not blame them for laughing.
    I think I would laugh too. Most of their runners have the cash hidden in such a way that no one is going to find it.
    So the only people victimized by this law are minorities and people not able to defend themselves.
    I would suggest a cease order on all cops using these methods to finance police departments. I would suggest all money taken be returned to its rightful owners immediately and any damages to the victims must be compensated with five times the amount taken.
    I think the patriots that signed the Declaration of Independence would be horrified by what the Congress has done here.
    They did not get Al Capone for murder. They got him for income tax evasion. But if the truth were known, they had no grounds to get him at all because the used unconstitutional methods to find the evidence.
    No one argues that Al didn’t deserve to go to jail. I argue that no one needs to worry about illegal methods by any police agency. But the only way to make that happen is to make the courts and the police obey the laws of our land. The Congress needs to stop making laws that make obeying the laws virtually impossible for honest police persons.
    There are penalties for those people violating their oaths of office. Unfortunately those penalties occur after they pass on and are judged in a higher court.
    I maintain that children do not remember what they did wrong if they are not apprehended immediately for what they did wrong. That is what I think is wrong with punishment after death. They need to have an immediate pain response now.

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