How Television Affects Your Brain

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Yes, the waves entrain your brain for the greatest suggestibility – but it gets worse. Your mind gets confused and derailed by the condensed and unrealistic story lines. The imagery creates plenty of stress hormones – like the constant release of adrenaline – but with no outlet because we consciously try to tell ourselves that it’s just a show. Apparently, the brain and body disagree.

Does that explain how TV creates an artificial “high” and addiction?

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1 thought on “How Television Affects Your Brain”

  1. I just saw a Wendy’s commercial for their chicken burger.
    It is a blatant attempt to put a post-hypnotic suggestion in everyone’s minds to go buy the burger!
    Such advertising should be illegal. Should, Would, Could . . . The words of failure.
    What they do is put you in a subjective mind with a really good action bent movie. Then the action shifts to a commercial and everyone is stunned for a moment as the commercial progresses. Most people wake up in the middle of the commercial. They run the commercial at least 4 times.
    In this particular case there are subliminals also built into the photograph of the object they are pitching.
    Only someone aware of how advertising like this is built will know what they are really doing.
    There are actual psychology degrees in the subject of building in suggestions into an advertisement. Whether it is TV, Newspapers, Magazines, even the stuff at the checkout at the grocery.
    Some are subtle. Some not so subtle. This is the most obvious one I have seen this year.

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