I Don’t Think That She Was Actually Supposed To Admit That…

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think That She Was Actually Supposed To Admit That…”

  1. Great and best news. She was not supposed to say that, but they are hydrogen races who are panicking and afraid, under pressure from their uncontrollable nihilist timelines. They are afraid, because they cannot imagine a future timeline, for normal people with peaceful household.

    The Universe has electric plasma and electricity. Hydrogen races do not have conductivity for high order reasoning and natural intelligence. Oxygen races (crystalline and indigo) have electricity conductivity and natural intelligence for praise. That is why the hydrogen psychopaths invented fully controlled surveillance. Even with all technology they still cannot control themselves, because the problem is their DNA without electrical conductivity.

    The millions of starseeds and crystalline races, super soldiers and exopolitics community are very prepared and have awaited the fall of hydrogen races. The challenge for the future is organization and coordination for rescuing people and fast migration out of Earth.

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