IDF strikes 80 Gaza targets in under thirty minutes

The IDF carried out attacks in Gaza throughout Wednesday, hitting at least 200 terrorist targets.

The IAF struck more than 80 targets in under 30 minutes on Wednesday evening.

Earlier, around 160 targets were struck overnight, and 550 targets have been hit since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge this week.

The air force attacked targets that included 10 tunnels and five Hamas government buildings, among them the Interior Ministry, the National Security Ministry and a naval police position.


Israel_Defense_Forces - Photo by the Israeli Defence Forces Spokesperson's Unit

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1 thought on “IDF strikes 80 Gaza targets in under thirty minutes”

  1. Unlike Iraq’s soldiers, the Israel troops are not going to run away anywhere soon.
    I suggest if this is to become a war zone, we should offer immigration to all their families.
    This would get them out of the war zone. I suggest we send them to a U.S. Territory not the United States. If they are a target, this country could get involved in an undertaker’s paradise.
    It would also lessen the number of innocent targets.
    There is a constant battle of people on both sides wishing revenge. This feud will end in a lot of people simply dying for no reason.
    This is a battle no one wins. Even the winners have many people to mourn at the end of the battle.
    The reports from all over the Middle East suggest we are dealing with an Islam Uprising that is every bit as virile as the Hitler Movement in Germany. Those that live by the sword(or any other weapons) will die by the sword. That is the nature of things. Eventually these people will die. In the meantime, a whole generation will die with them.

    If both sides want an endless death cycle of members of their families then so be it. But leave us out of it. I suggest that neither side will win such a war.
    Would not wish this situation on anyone. It needs to be dismantled. The ones shooting first need to be dealt with. The ones not going by the Geneva Convention need to be dealt with.
    Otherwise, I foresee a war without boundaries all over the planet. That includes Russia. That includes China. It is only a matter of time before the entire area becomes a death zone.
    People too angry to think are the real problem.

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