In 1992, Earlene Wallace Had A Remarkable Vision About A Future War That Is Coming To America

For decades, God has been showing men and women all over the globe that a horrific war will someday come to America. Nuclear weapons will be used, and following the nuclear attacks there will be an invasion on both coasts.  Of course a lot of other prophecies still need to be fulfilled first, but this is eventually going to happen.

Today, I came across a vision that Earlene Wallace had in 1992 that confirms many of the same details that so many others have been shown.  The following is what she witnessed

1992, Vision, Destruction Of America — while praying in the basement of my home, I saw the sky over America fill with MANY black, stealth bombers. There were no markings on any of the planes. Then the scene changed, and I saw nuclear explosions all around me! Then the scene changed AGAIN, and I saw the terrible aftermath of the nuclear holocaust. Not ALL but MUCH of America as we know it today, was destroyed. And AGAIN, for the fourth time, the scene changed, and I saw hoards of oriental soldiers marching through all of the areas of America that had not been bombed. They had bayonets fixed to their rifles, and were destroying EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING in their way. Then the vision ended.