In His Own Words: Shocking Video Of Barack Obama Telling Dozens Of Lies

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Barack Obama has lied to us over and over again, and yet a significant portion of the population continues to believe what he has to say.  That is why we need to make the video posted below go viral.  Someone spent a lot of time and effort gathering clips of Obama telling dozens of huge lies to the American people.  When they are all gathered in one place, it is truly rather shocking.

Here is Barack Obama in his own words…


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    • You ought to try contacting Breitbart. They’d be able to generate a lot more views for this video.

      • In time, my hope is that this site will generate more views than Breitbart.

        It won’t happen this week or this month, but in time…

        • You’re doing an outstanding job, so far! I come here everyday to check out the latest happenings. The Lord rewards, Michael!

          • Thank you for saying that. I am trying to strive for excellence with this website, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. 🙂


  1. What is amazing to me is he is still in office.
    This is certainly a testament to a person who has consistently told people what they wanted to hear and then done exactly what he wanted to do.
    He is a very good actor and deserves an academy award for that performance.
    He is not alone in Washington D.C. I guess if you want to know his real agenda, all you have to do is listen to what he says. If he is consistently lying about everything, then he is exactly opposite of everything that he says he is. Now that should scare a whole lot of people.
    I once had a friend that made a science out of the lie. He was so good, that he often believed the lies that he told. If anyone kissed the blarney stone it was this friend. One day he told a lie and by the time it got back to him, the lie had changed so much he did not realize that the lie was his to begin with. He actually lost money on a bet because of it.
    Remember, by their fruits you shall know them. This man has shown what his fruits are made of and it is from the Father of all Lies.
    If everything that has come out of this man’s mouth is a lie, then perhaps we should examine further whether he was eligible to be a president of this country at all.
    The reality is that as long as Demoncrats hold office in this country, this man will not be removed from office for any reason. What we need to ask ourselves is not whether we have a Liar for President. What we need to ask is why his fellow democrats are willing to follow him. Why they do not do something about him, before they too are voted out of office.
    The end result will be a campaign by the opposition exposing everything that he has ever said that ended up to be the opposite of the truth. And that will paint everyone, good or bad, in the Democrat Party as a liar.

  2. Has anyone out there taken the lies and reversed them? Because that would be the true representation that Mr. Obama is offering all of us.
    I would love to see that charted. On the left, give all of his promises. On the right, show what he truly represents.
    Then show a Congressional Record of Democrats and Republicans that have supported him with legislation in the past six years. Are they lying also? Might be a real eye-opener come November.
    If I were to dream up an ad campaign, I would follow the masters like Richard Nixon did early in his career. He took the incumbent’s voting records and used it against him while campaigning for office.
    First I would lead in with a rhetorical question.
    What did Mr. Obama have in mind when he successfully got Obama care as the law of the land?
    “It isn’t a tax!”
    “You can keep your insurance if you like it better.”
    All of these quotes need to be in writing along with a explanation of why they are lies.
    Then the next question is: “Did YOUR representative vote for this law?”
    Has he or she supported the President after the lies became apparent?
    Why isn’t the Congress addressing something that takes a good 40% of their discretionary income and something that may lead to a severe Depression like that of the 30s?
    Would you vote to impeach someone that consistently lies about everything?
    Our Supreme Court is guilty by implication. If it is a tax, fine, but if it was not represented as a tax before it was voted on, isn’t that fraud? Nasty word, fraud.
    I feel the Court should have sent it back for a re-vote with the understanding that it is a tax. It was lied about and presented as something that it was not.
    I am not a lawyer. I am not a judge and I am not sitting in their shoes. Plain American English does not require any of these people for understanding. Perhaps, there is another side. Perhaps they might explain it to us poor ignorant folk that do not understand their logic in allowing it to become law without sending it back to Congress.
    Perhaps the people that voted FOR it would like to explain themselves before we re-elect them.

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