India Has Never Faced A Water Shortage This Bad

Supplies of fresh water in India continue to dwindle, and the population continues to explode.

As a result, India is now facing an unprecedented water crisis.  The following comes from our friends at TruNews

According to a report published in the Niti Aayog newspaper, which is based on data from 24 of the country’s 29 states, approximately 200,000 Indians die each year due to lack of clean water. Other key takeaways from the report:

• 600 million people—roughly half of India’s population—face “high” to “extreme” water stress;

• 75% of homes do not have potable water;

• 84% of rural homes don’t have access to piped-in water; and

• 70% of the nation’s water sources are heavily polluted.

So what do you think?

Is there a solution to this crisis?