Iraqi PM orders troops to make stand in Samarra; U.S. sends aircraft carrier

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Iraq’s leader directed his troops to make their stand against advancing Sunni militants in a flashpoint city home to a revered Shiite mosque, an order that highlights the sectarian fighting tearing the country apart.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s order came as he sought to put new fire in the belly of his troops in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — an al Qaeda splinter group known as ISIS — that has seized a large swath of land in the north of the country and threatened to advance on the capital.

“Samarra will be the starting point, the gathering station of our troops to cleanse every inch that was desecrated by footsteps of those traitors,” al-Maliki said in remarks broadcast Saturday.

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1 thought on “Iraqi PM orders troops to make stand in Samarra; U.S. sends aircraft carrier”

  1. Sounds like we are talking Civil War in Iraq, followed closely by a war between Iraq and Iran.
    The region does not pay any attention to rules set forth by the UN concerning prisoners of war.
    Their answer seems to be torture and death to all prisoners. Did someone sign with the UN?
    How many men, how many children, does it take before this mess goes away?
    I predicted a curse on those that were killing Christian people in the region. It looks to me that God has cursed this people if there is a Civil War starting.
    I have no proof, but someone is financing this war! Could our “good friends” the Saudis be financing this war? The timing here is not a coincidence.
    In the past, we would have sat back and waited for the winner to occur. Then we would deal with the winner. That day is long past when American Diplomats Mind Their Own Business First.
    How much foreign aid are we giving groups in the region?
    Are they all Moslem sects in the region. How many would spit on us, the minute it was to their advantage, the minute we show any weakness.
    The feud between the one group and the group in government is deep. Has been going on for a very long time. Has all sorts of blood/revenge/hatred between them.
    We are viewed by both groups as Evil.
    I say let them fight their civil war alone. We will pick up the pieces with whomever wins.

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