ISIS Captures Iraq’s Biggest Dam: Baghdad Water Supply In Jeopardy

Haditha Dam Iraq

With the world’s attention focused on the ongoing death and destruction in Gaza most have forgotten that just two months ago a vicious Al-Qaeda spinoff, after taking over the north of Iraq and a third of Syria’s territory including its oil production facilities, proclaimed the creation of an Islamic State caliphate a few hundred kilometers north of Baghdad. The reason why the ISIS story fell off the front pages is that while the jihadists were consolidating their power in the caliphate region, it was believed that they have no chance of advancing onto Baghdad and the energy-rich Iraq regions south of Baghdad (and thus have little impact on the price of Brent). And yet there was one major “weakest link” – recall that a month ago we reported that “Baghdad May Lose Its Drinking Water As ISIS Approaches Dam“, an outcome which would put Iraq’s capital, and its 8 million residents, at the mercy of ISIS.

According to Al Arabia it is this “weakest link” that is now in play after ISIS took over Iraq’s biggest dam unopposed by Kurdish fighters, who also lost three towns and an oilfield on Sunday to the Sunni militant group, witnesses said cited by Reuters.

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1 thought on “ISIS Captures Iraq’s Biggest Dam: Baghdad Water Supply In Jeopardy”

  1. This group is going to have a significant effect on the entire world. Obviously, the military opposing them is not up to the task of taking them on. It is possible that they will eventually conquer territory all the way to India.
    There are several factors going on here. It has to have a major amount of support from the people of the region to succeed. It has to have a respect of the people and for the people’s belief system.
    That belief system is both their greatest asset and their greatest problem. That belief system will be their downfall. We are looking at a massive cultural shockwave involving people with a belief system that goes far back into history.
    It is now only a matter of time before they go to war with the United States of America. Possibly by hitting one of our cities. Don’t think we are invulnerable. We are not. To be involved, we have some guilt in that we, as a country, have involved ourselves with them for the oil. These people are quite open about their threats to our country. I think those threats need to be taken very seriously.

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