ISIS group in Libya claims mass kidnap of Christians


“Urgent. Soldiers of the Islamic State captured 21 Christian crusaders,” jihadists from the self-declared ‘State of Tripoli’ group said in a statement posted online.

Photoshopped pictures of several men were posted alongside the brief statement, prompting horror from Christian families inside neighbouring Egypt who have waited weeks for news of their relatives’ whereabouts.

Bisheer Estefanos, a farmer from the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya, said he recognised the faces of his brothers, Bishoy and Samuel, among the men. “All we can do is pray to God for help,” he said. “Their mother is tired of crying.”

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1 thought on “ISIS group in Libya claims mass kidnap of Christians”

  1. The question is what do we do when a land is ruled by violent barbarians with a religion to match? It is a bad question on the same lines of when did you quit beating your wife type questioning.
    My own suggestion would be to let the Christians in such a land immigrate here. Get the barbarians to allow them to go. There is no good ending for those Christians otherwise. It is a no win situation for everyone. Even the barbarians do not win in the long run. Public opinion of the rest of the world will mean a much harsher public opinion of them than they have ever faced at home. It is not intelligent behavior to murder, rape, hurt people, steal from then, enslave people, etc.
    By association, peaceful people with the same religious beliefs are caught in the middle.

    What I suggest is hard on these Christian people. It means coming to a strange land where your local language and customs are alien to the very people offering you sanctuary. Where there is a different set of mores. We have a European view of exposure of skin in the current culture. That is offensive to people from some areas of the world. They would be better off with a place of their own and time to adjust to an alien world culture. At best it might be confusing.

    Europe is no stranger to violent interaction with various peoples and cultures. The United States is relatively isolated from this until recently.
    Waking Americans to the effects of terrorism and barbarism was the most serious mistake made in the last 100 years. It will not end well.
    Waking up a sleeping tiger is never a good thing to do.
    Typical Americans are Christian as their designated religion. Though defining 250 different opinions on what being Christian is might be difficult. This is a country of many different churches. Uniting them all against the Muslim religion would make them forget those differences.
    The rule is that here you have the right to believe whatever you want to believe and you have the freedom to join any church you want to. You have the right to believe anything you want including no belief in religion at all.
    That means that competing religious beliefs have to SELL that belief system to the people that claim membership in their churches.
    Violence and terror are not valid means of gaining membership here.
    The result is that anyone attempting to use violence and terror as a means to this end is viewed as criminal.
    That also means the religious belief has to have a certain amount of logic to it. It is never about you either believe or else!
    Certain religious belief systems all over the world are having a problem with this concept. Always before they ruled by force not logic.
    Even the Roman Catholic Church in history had this problem. (They are just getting around to admitting that maybe a 16th century astronomer was not a heretic in believing that the Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around.)
    The problem is that any religious belief must have a certain contact with Reality in the long term or it is doomed to fail in a society that believes in religious freedom to believe what you want.
    And as technology does increase some beliefs do fail to meet that requirement.
    But that is here. Not there. I think the best we can hope to do is evacuate people of Christian Faith from the area.

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