Joanie Stahl: “There was no more safety, as if the entire nation had been turned upside down into full blown hell”

So many men and women of God have been receiving warnings that appear to indicate that dramatic events are going to unfold in this country in the near future.  After reading my recent dream about Trump, our good friend Joanie Stahl sent us two very ominous dreams that she was given regarding our current president.  I believe that these dreams are very important, and I encourage you to share them with everyone that you know…


In my dream I saw myself outside, it was during the middle of the day. I was talking to a neighbor. The man that I see frequently in dreams that are from God (not 100% of the time, but mostly), came to me as if it was an emergency. He was emphatic that I come with him right away.

The scene changed.

The man and I were standing in front of a door. I had no idea where we were or even how we arrived there. It was an odd kind of door, and I noticed the outside of it in part where we stood that this was no ordinary home, or house. The man stood next to me and started knocking at the door. Just then Trump answered the door. I was shocked because I thought to myself, What are we doing here? I felt a bit afraid because he was the president and what would I need to be there for?

He was genuinely delighted that we were there. He was very hospitable, and welcomed us in as if he were expecting us. I noticed that this building was no ordinary building. I looked past him while he was talking away about this building that he had especially made. He was beaming and very excited to show us around. As he stood talking I looked past him and saw a vast room behind him. It was no ordinary house, it was decorated to try to make it look like a comfortable living room, you know homey. I saw at the opposite end of the vast room these huge rectangular shaped windows, you the kind you see in fortresses. Very elongated, and these windows looked to be about 25 feet tall. There were about 3 that I could see. I noticed they seemed strange and were not ordinary windows because I saw outside of them that there were huge vault like doors that were opened on the outside to let the light in.

I turned my attention back to Trump as he was telling me and the man in a gloating disturbing kind of way that he had this place made especially for him and his family, as well as his children and their families. I felt a very bad sense about him and this place. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable and did not want to be there. I felt even afraid. I looked to my far right and saw his wife walking through a dark hallway. I was disturbed because Trump did not bother to acknowledge her, and introduce me/us to her which I thought was rude.

I left the man standing to Trump who was still talking away about his special building and it being one of a kind. I went to Melania and said, “Melania I want to introduce myself, my name is Joanie.” She was a bit taller than me but looked down with me, and darkness filled her face.

She looked as if her face had fallen in grief, and a deadness. She kept walking and I knew she was going to see Baron. I went back to where Trump was standing and talking still to the man about his building, and as he was talking, even in this dream, in my spirit I was able to see the entire outside of this building even though I was within.

This is what I saw.

This building was on top of a very high mountain. It was so high it reminded me of Hitlers getaway (Wolf’s Lair) on top of those Bavarian Alps. This building was completely inaccessible by human foot. I do not know the location of where I was seeing it, but it was like the high Seirra Nevada’s, something of that majestic appearance. It was an iron fortress. On the top, sides and all the way around it was completely covered in heavy thick iron. I was able to see the huge hydraulic doors that were open in the windows. They were as thick as bank vault doors, in fact that was the thickness of it all the way around.

Immediately after than while still in the Spirit the scene changed again.

I saw the entire nation, city after city, and town after town, the whole nation plunged into lawlessness. There was only terror, women and children were howling and crying in the streets, all around them was mass crime and hysteria. There was no more safety, as if the entire nation had been turned upside down into full blown hell. As soon as I as able to see everything I was seeing, I was returned back to where I was before, (though I never physically left, but in the Spirit was I shown this). I knew that Trump KNEW long before that this was going to happen to the nation, but did nothing to warn the people, but only prepared for his family only leaving the nation to writhe in agony and terror.

He continued to talk and was now ready to show us the rest of the house, and at that moment I said to the man with me, “I want to go now.” He then said something to Trump saying, “We are leaving now.” Trump looked totally disappointed that we were leaving. The man I was with opened the door and we got out of there swiftly.” Then I awoke.

Here is one more.


In my dream I saw myself immediately standing with the man I see mostly in my dreams. We stood at the edge of an enormous, beautiful park. It was gorgeous, full of many lush trees, the grass very thick and every thing so green, and there were many paths going throughout the park with many nice looking, happy people walking leisurely through it of all ages. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and perfect fair weather.

Immediately the scene changed.

The park that was once lush and green, was now a waste howling desert. Like it was blighted. Nothing was green anymore. Only the driest dirt that was blowing around with gusts of wind. Everything was dead…twice dead. I saw that even the sky was ugly and gray, everything looked like it was destroyed. Trash was also blowing around. I saw people, but not like the people before. Now, there were wild people, scary people, ranging around and terrifying looking. Like wild demonized criminals, I saw others that were trying to walk by them and not be threatened, robbed or killed.

All of a sudden I saw in the short distance Trump kneeling down with his hands together as though he were praying. I was surprised because he was kneeling in that filthy dirt. I saw in front of him a very old ancient looking brick wall. It was so old that many of the end bricks were missing, the wall was leaning, the bricks were bleached and pitted, and heavily chipped and ruined. The mortar was barely in between the old ugly destroyed bricks. He seemed to be praying in front of it.

I immediately felt disturbed and said to the man, “I am going over there to see what he is doing.” The man stayed behind while I walked over to Trump. As soon as I got there I said, “Who are you praying to?” In a surprised, red-faced-shocked way, he looked up to me and started stuttering…”I uh…uh..I uh…uh…I..uh…” I felt mad because he was acting more like he was caught doing something wrong, and could not answer a simple question. I asked him again in stronger tones, “WHO are you praying to!” He kept stuttering and stuttering. I said one more time, “Are you praying to Jesus!” He would not answer, like he could not answer and was acting embarrassed. I walked away back to the man. Then I woke up.

That is the end of these two dreams and the interpretations are clear. I know these were long, but that is what I dreamed. Thanks for taking the time to read them. If you have the time, let me know what your thoughts are. But the first one, really lines up with yours.