Judgment On America? We Are On Pace For The Worst Year For Wildfires In All Of U.S. History!

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Never before have so many acres burned in America up to this point in the year. I just went and checked the latest numbers from the National Interagency Fire Center, and it turns out that we are now on pace for the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history. So far in 2015, wildfires have burned an astounding 9,799,866 acres. Before this, the worst year for wildfires was in 2006 when a total of 9,506,582 acres had burned through November 13th. When I last reported on this, we were still behind 2006’s record pace, but now we have surged ahead of it. Overall, the average for the last 10 years for the number of acres burned in the U.S. through November 13th is 6,464,947, and so we are more than 50 percent ahead of that pace right now. Clearly, what we have been experiencing is highly unusual. Could it be possible that this is some form of judgment on America?

In August and September, all of a sudden it seemed like major fires were erupting all over the western third of the United States. I know, because at one point a huge fire came to within 10 miles of my own house. Fortunately, no homes were damaged in my area, but in other parts of the country a tremendous amount of property was destroyed.

Following the unusual fires of August and September, we moved into a time of crazy flooding. The storm that would became known as Hurricane Joaquin formed into a tropical depression on September 28th, which also happened to be the date of the fourth blood moon. Moisture from that storm dumped unprecedented amounts of rain along many areas of the east coast. In fact, it got so bad that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said that it was the most rain that her state had seen “in a thousand years”.

Of course it wasn’t just the east coast that got hit by flooding. We also watched flash floods cause “rivers of mud” to completely bury vehicles along roads in southern California, and freak flooding in the state of Texas derailed a train and caused several deaths. I covered more of the details in my previous article entitled “Why Is This Happening? Unprecedented Flooding Has Hit The U.S. Within The Last 30 Days“.

On top of the fires and the floods, we have also seen an unusual amount of seismic activity lately. Oklahoma has already set a brand new state record for the number of earthquakes in a year, there have been notable earthquakes in Arizona and Alaska during the past 30 days, and a record-setting swarm of nearly 600 earthquakes in little San Ramon, California (just 45 miles from San Francisco) made headlines all over the world. For much more on all of this shaking, please see my previous article entitled “Swarm Of California Earthquakes Continues A Series Of Unusual Events That Began In Late September“.

Of course now we are dealing with a major terror scare. The vicious attacks in Paris were unlike anything that France has seen in the post-World War II era, and an international soccer match that Angela Merkel was scheduled to attend was canceled due to “concrete intelligence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device inside the stadium“. Hundreds of millions of people in the western world are totally freaked out right now, and everyone is wondering where the terrorists will strike next.

Individually, each one of the things that I just mentioned may not seem particularly earth-shattering. After all, there are always fires and floods and earthquakes. But when you start putting the pieces together, a very disturbing puzzle begins to emerge.

Could it be possible that we are witnessing a pattern of judgment that began in the August/September time frame?

In the Scriptures, we see that there is often a progression to judgment. For example, if you go back to the book of Exodus, God didn’t hit the Egyptians with the worst plague first. Rather, there was a progression to the plagues that built up to a crescendo at the end.

Could it be possible that a similar pattern is starting to play out right in front of our eyes?

If it is, it won’t take us long to find out. If these fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. are all part of a larger pattern, we should expect to see even worse events in the not too distant future.

So let’s watch and see what happens.

In the legal world, there is always a pronouncement of guilt before a sentence is administered. And I believe that the months leading up to the August/September timeframe represented a period of time when America was being shown her guilt.

For example, I believe that it was no accident that the undercover Planned Parenthood videos came out when they did. The entire world got to very clearly see that we are slaughtering millions of babies, chopping them up into pieces, harvesting their organs, and selling off those organs to the highest bidder. We were very clearly shown our guilt, and the American people were given a final opportunity to repent.

But instead of repenting, the American people continue to run toward wickedness and evil. Even after watching all of the undercover videos that came out, one survey found that only 29 percent of all Americans want to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

That survey absolutely stunned me. The people answering the survey were not asked if Planned Parenthood should be totally shut down. No, the only question was whether or not we should continue giving them hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year. And when confronted with that question, less than 30 percent of all Americans wanted to end our funding of Planned Parenthood’s crimes against humanity.

Just after that survey was released, I got the opportunity to go on a major television show that is broadcast all over North America, and I publicly declared that America is finished.

And since that time, we have definitely witnessed a series of disasters that is very, very unusual.

So is this the judgment of God on America?

If so, is there much worse to come?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

(Originally published on End of the American Dream)

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  1. It may be that God has stopped his blessing on this country, letting nature take its course. I think we are moving into a time when God will judge the whole world by simply letting nature — including human nature — have its way. Evil will rise in power and will become the conflagration of its own destruction. I think we are in a time of passage right now in which the whole world is moving into the end of an age in which God still restricted evil and protected human life to a time in which his actions may say, “You want your world without me, and you want it so badly that way, then I’ll let you have what you want.”

    That said, I think we have to be reluctant to attribute devastating acts of nature to God’s judgement against any particular thing. These fires, for example, while partly brought on by nature are also by man’s own doing in that old-growth forests were not nearly as subject to forest fires because the forest floors were deeply shaded by the tall trees and there was far less undergrowth to burn. The tall trees didn’t burn because their needles were far above the flames. Their bark got scorched but didn’t really contribute to the fire, and they often remained alive. As a result of our logging, we created forests that are more subject to burning. On top of that, we’ve just been through a great drought throughout the western US. Maybe it was God’s judgment, but…

    This drought, bad as it has been, was no worse than what hit in the late thirties and created the Dust Bowl, which was also made worse by man’s stewardship of the earth. In that case, it was our introduction to mechanized agriculture that caused us to remove so much vegetation in the midwest and south in such a short time that entire regions dried up and blew away. Since the Dust Bowl was as bad or worse than the present drought, you’d have to say (to be consistent) that God must have been judging America pretty harshly at a time when most citizens went to church and prayed over every meal, and that he chose to judge farmers the hardest, who were quite possibly the most church-going bunch.

    This theology that sees acts of nature as God’s judgment for specific events that coincided in time — especially when God hasn’t raised his own prophet to state that the fires and other calamities are his judgment (I know of no one that I think merits being called a true prophet of God) — is riddled with problems. I know of a writer named Bill Koenig who regularly attributes bad events that happen in the US to God’s judgement against America for not standing strong by Israel’s side. To give just one example: Koenig said the destruction of Space Shuttle Challenger nearly over George Bush’s ranch was God’s message to George Bush that he was angry because Bush did not back Israel that week! The problems with that kind of theology are enormous:

    1) George Bush — the one who most needed to get the message — failed entirely to see that there was any message at all. Is God really that poor of a communicator that he would be unable to communicate his displeasure to the president even by going so far as to blow people up? What was the purpose of this communication if it failed entirely to communicate to the only person who could actually do something about it?

    2) Does God really blow up the innocent (those who had absolutely NOTHING to do with George Bush’s resistance toward doing what some thought was in Israel’s best interest). Wouldn’t he go straight to the problem and blow up George Bush? Seems to me in the Bible that, when God didn’t like something a particular king did, he took it out directly on the king.

    3) Why was the shuttle CLOSE to being overhead of George Bush’s ranch when it exploded? Is our God the God of close calls? Could he not have caused the shuttle to crash directly onto Bush’s house and take out a couple of his daughters in order to get the president’s attention?

    4) Since when has God ever spoken to world leaders through circumstantial events (at least biblically) without raising a prophet to make clear what was about to happen and why?

    5) Many self-annointed prophets arose after the Challenger disaster to claim it was God’s judgement on America, but is that what we see in the Bible? A god who is only capable of raising up people with divine insight AFTER the fact? (I think Jim Bakker says he foretold it happening, but I have yet to see a tape of him saying anything that specific.)

    6) Would God kill people when he could simply speak clearly to the president as he did to some leaders in the past … at least prior to raining down his destruction? Isn’t he the merciful God who gives people a warning first? So, why not just TRY TALKING to the president if he doesn’t like what the president is doing. Is it really necessary to go blowing things up to make his point. Bush claimed to be a Christian, so wouldn’t he have listened if God sent him an angel to say, “George, this is what I want you to do for Israel?”

    7) Why should God be blowing up things in AMERICA when America has from modern Israel’s beginning been the closest friend Israel has had? Is he so unjust that he would blow up people in the one nation that has been the kindest and most supportive of Israel just because their support is less than perfect when there are so many other nations that are absolutely sworn enemies of Israel that are far more deserving of death and destruction? Does the one who has overall behaved better than all others, even if imperfectly, get the worst treatment by the God of the Bible?

    8) The US is an ENORMOUS country in which some really bad things happen on a weekly basis because the US spans many climates and has many opportunities for natural disasters, so is it really that much of a coincidence to find really bad things that time out within 24 hours of US failure to back Zionists in Israel?

    9) Who that is alive today was specifically told directly by God that it is God’s intent right now to restore Israel as a secular nation? If God wants to give the entire land to Jews in their unfaithful state, then why hasn’t he? What’s stopping him? He can do it in a heartbeat. He doesn’t need the United State’s help. So, why hasn’t it happened if that is his plan? MAYBE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ISRAEL IS HIS PLAN, INCLUDING WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW! Why have they gained no more land since 1967? If God was delivering the land to Jews (just for being Jews) then, he could deliver it now if that was his will. He doesn’t need man’s help. Why has Israel, for a fact, continuously only LOST land after 1967?

    10) Maybe that entire fundamentalist theology that favors Zionism is flawed. MAYBE God brought Jews to the Promised Land by baiting them with just ENOUGH of the Promised Land to draw them all into one place so that he could teach them a lesson as a people by withholding the Promise they want so badly UNTIL they learn to become faithful. What better way to bring them to faith than to bring them to where the Promise they hope for is so real and so all around them that they salivate for the Promise … only to see it sliding back away! Surely, that will make the religious leaders who are the sons of those who rejected Christ (not just in blood but in actions) ask why God has brought them into the land only to start taking the promise away again and only to see their situation becoming increasingly hopeless.

    If it is God who brought them into the land (and I have no doubt it was), then how can it be any less God who is now taking the land away — Sinai, Gaza? West Bank next? Did he not, when he called the people out of Egypt, require that, before entering the land, all the people invoke a curse on themselves and their progeny forever IF they should ever live in the land unfaithfully? Did he not require them to enter it faithfully the first time? Did he not set a precedent by bringing them right up to the land the first time under Moses, even letting a few go inside the land to see what could be theirs, and then by driving them away for forty years because they were unfaithful in how they entered?

    If he brought some of them into the land and then turned all of them away for entering it without faith the first time, wouldn’t it makes since that he would do a similar thing thing now for the same reason? Doesn’t the Bible say God would bring them into the land unfaithful IN ORDER TO MAKE THEM FAITHFUL. Maybe Jews have been brought there to have a lesson pounded out on the hard anvil of Israel’s deserts — that lesson being that they must enter into his NEW Covenant in order to enter the land faithfully. There is no other expression of faith allowed but the one God has required!

    So, might not the present loss of what they want so badly and their inability to move forward with their agenda of seizing the land be exactly God’s plan for making them faithful … even if Fundamentalists haven’t approved it? Maybe the Pauline theology that says ONE Jew, Jesus Christ, inherited the full promise of Abraham for all time as the ONE seed of Abraham that was worthy, which includes inheriting the land as HIS inheritance, is the true theology to understanding what is now happening. In that case, until Jews accept the Prince of that land, whose land it is, they will never have the land they want. Perhaps that is WHY he is called the “Prince of Peace” because only he can deliver the land that was promised to Abraham and deliver it in peace, and he will deliver it only to his faithful ones. Maybe they are there to learn they cannot deliver the land to themselves by military might or by their own shrewdness or via their friends. Maybe they have NOT been brought there to get the Promised Land — as if land were the important thing — but to encounter their own need for the Promised Prince because he is the true Promise and the land is just incidental.

    Do we really always know what God’s will is or ever understand his plans for the future or even the present as well as we think we do? Seems to me that it is when we are most certain we understand how God will work in the present and future that we are most often wrong.

    –Knave Dave

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