“Keep Them Alive Until They Hear About Me”

This world is about to be shaken as it never has before, and the vast majority of the people around us are going to be completely blindsided by the events that are about to happen.  All of a sudden, millions upon millions will be in desperate need, and those that serve the needy will be absolutely overwhelmed.

Personally, you need to be ready to help feed and care for family members and friends that have not been preparing for what is coming.  It is going to be a time of great turmoil, but it will also be a time to tell multitudes about Jesus.

The following was recent sent to me by my friend Mike Rutledge, and I think that you will find this to be very encouraging…

Part 1

Several years ago, I went to a training session with a disaster relief group that has a ministry of using a portable facility, which can cook and serve 5,000 meals per day. We were shown how to set up the large tent and how to operate the equipment. This was on a Saturday. The following Sunday morning, during our worship singing time, the following thing happened.

Suddenly, I was aware that as I stood singing with my eyes closed and focusing on the Lord Himself who is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven, it was as if Jesus Himself was standing almost nose to nose with me. No one else saw this and no one saw me “disappear” and return. No one else was aware of what happened at the time. As I realized His Presence, He whispered these words to me.

“Keep them alive until they hear about Me”.

He was there only a few seconds, and then He was gone. I was left there still standing with my eyes closed and trying to control my emotions where I did not fall down or burst into a screaming, bawling session. I could feel my whole body shaking and trembling.


My comments:

The physical presence of the Lord can be a “terrible” thing to a human being. Many of the prophets in the Old Testament tell of this.

Those few words speak volumes to me. Some would ask me what does this mean. First, you should ask Jesus, what He has to say to you personally about this event and then act upon it.

The take away that I have from my perspective, training, and life experiences is this. There are terrible things that will happen in the near future. Life will no longer be as we are now experiencing it. Death will be close at hand because there will not be any food and clean water available, among other things. No stores or restaurants or anything. No FEMA. It will be very likely that no one will be coming to help you. What you have on hand will be all that you will have. The mission of the followers of Jesus will be to provide food and water to the survivors and tell them about Jesus. The goal is that as many people will be saved as possible and then go to be with Jesus when they perish. I really believe that where these events happen, there will be no recovery like we are having today, even though it is taking years at this time. The hard cold truth in this is that we may be facing the deaths of millions of people as other countries have experienced. As usual, God’s desire is that all men should be saved.

Part 2

I have included this at the same time because this second one goes with the first item. It occurred at a different time by weeks or months. It occurred during a Sunday morning singing time as I did the same thing as above.

I suddenly saw myself sitting on possibly the eight floor of a 20 story office building in Dallas, Texas. In the office of this CEO was the CEO himself, a Director of a nation-wide ministry who does disaster relief and myself. One of the specialties of this organization is feeding thousands of people per day. The CEO looked at the Director as he leaned forward in his office and asked, “What brings you two to see me today?” The Director looked at me and said, “This guy will tell you.” The CEO looked at me. I said, “Jesus, has put it on my heart to come and talk to you today. We are a disaster relief group that ministers to large portions of this nation. We have a large network of resources. However, Jesus, has placed something on my heart that I need to ask you. I’m not asking you to commit today. The burden on my heart is that there are coming upon our nation, disasters of such a magnitude and frequency, that the resources we have will not be enough to meet the needs. It will require everyone that can help to do so. One need that will be overwhelming is transportation. I think that every eighteen wheeled tractor and trailer in this nation, will be needed that is available to transport food and water, just to keep people alive. What we are asking, and I think Jesus Himself also, if this need arises, can we call you and ask you to help? The CEO suddenly leaned back in his chair. He said nothing for a few minutes. I could tell the “wheels” were turning in his head. Suddenly, a serious look appeared on his face. He leaned forward and said, “Yes.”


This is the end of the two events. Below is a reminder of what I prayed based on the two above events:

“We had a prayer time last night for the second time asking God to prepare people and provisions for the Church of California to minister to the people there in a future earthquake disaster. Based on a vision I had some time ago, I asked God to move on the heart of corporate America to prepare, make available a fleet of 100,000 tractor trailers to transport food and water, and other supplies to California after the disaster happens. I asked that all those companies that agreed to help would have all their fuel storage tanks full and plenty of spare tires in stock along with all the other preparations needed.

I just did the math and that would be 4 billion pounds based on a 40,000 pound load limit per truck. I also said that I did not want my request to limit what He wanted to do.