Marty Breeden: “If you never read another post of mine, please read this!!!”

We hope that you all are deeply blessed by this very encouraging message from Mary Breeden…


IF you never read another post of mine, please read this!!!
I really felt that the Lord showed me something very special.
I’ve never read nor heard this from anyone, nor have I read this anywhere, I pray it blesses you, as it did me while writing.


The “Garden of Eden”, a place of perfection, designed by Gods own hand, to satisfy every want, every need and every desire of His MOST prized creation, Adam and Eve.
He withheld nothing, it was perfect beauty and bliss.

They were given ONLY 1 RULE:

“DO NOT eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, for the day that you do, you shall surely die!!’ (Genesis 2:17)

We all know that the serpent was in this Garden as well, and mankind’s GREATEST DEFEAT happened in THIS Garden as Adam committed “High Treason” and obeyed the voice of the serpent and disobeyed the word of His Creator God, by eating concentrated sin in fruit form!

Now let’s fast forward several thousand years and we will see yet another “Showdown in the Garden”.

That same serpent will be in this garden as well….
BUT this time, he will be contending with THE Son of the Living God also known as the “Second Adam”!!

Jesus, alone…All alone, in the Garden of Gethsemane….. ALL GOD, and yet still ALL MAN!

The conflict of all the ages from Adams first sin, to Cain slaying his brother Abel, to Noahs flood, from Moses leading the Hebrews from the land of Egypt, to receiving the 10 Commandments, from Elijah challenging the false prophets of Baal and FIRE coming down from heaven consuming the sacrifice of Elijah,…from Little David slaying the mighty Goliath…


For this battle is for the soul of every mothers son, and every fathers daughter and they are now lying in the balance, ….as Jesus battles satan!

For if Jesus could be convinced to NOT go through with Gods plan of redemption, then satan wins and mankind is DOOMED FOR ALL ETERNITY!

So Jesus knowing the stakes, under such DEEP anguish, sweated great drops of blood!!
He asked His Father God to “Let this cup pass from me!”

Jesus could say “NOOO!!!”

Heaven and hell stood SILENT!!!
The Angel’s,….not a whisper….
The demons,…. not a sound…..
Then comes the answer!

THE most powerfully impacting statement EVER to be spoken:


Victory was WON in that Garden to completely CRUSH the failure of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus went to that cross, paid the price with His precious blood, and redeemed ALL of mankind to Himself…to “WHOSOEVER WILL!”
(Revelation 22:17)

From Eden to Gethsemane, now means,… that we who once were lost, can now be saved and found, and that sinful man, can enter into the Presence of a Holy God!!!

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!!