Marty Breeden: “Mountains on Fire!”

Marty Breeden just shared a new dream on his Facebook page which sounds quite ominous.  When I read it, I thought that he may have seen a volcano erupting.  What do you think?…

March 10, 2020
Dream “Mountains on Fire!”

I want to share a dream with you that I had last night.
I’m not sure how many times I had it, but I know it was multiple times.

I dreamed that there was either a happening or an event where I saw several large mountain ON FIRE!

It wasn’t just a few puffs of white smoke either, it was billowing clouds of DEEP DEEP BLACK smoke!

I could see the rage of the flames that appeared to be shooting hundreds and hundreds of feet into the sky!

I recall running into businesses and even residents warning them to “FLEE!”
As best I can recall, even though there was obvious thick black smoke rolling through their towns and dwellings…
They paid NO ATTENTION!!

Not only did they ignore my warnings, they just laughed and kept doing what they were doing.
I remember be shocked at one woman in particular….
She literally looked and me and said:

I walked back outside and saw by this time, that several other mountains were now ablaze….

I awoke….